6 Signs You’re an Awakened Soul

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul.

What is an Awakened Person?
First, we need to clarify what an awakened person really is. There may be some differences in the understanding of an awakened human soul, but there a some aspects, you will find in every “enlightened soul”.

The term “awake” refers to the process of shedding off the illusion of form and materialism and letting the light shine through. Like we are waking up everyday from our dreamworld, so do people who are in the process of awakening. They realise slowly or sometimes in a rush, that reality as we know it is not more than a dream.

We see the world completely different compared to unconscious people. You could also say that we are seeing the world more “whole”, because we recognise that all dots are connected. For example, while “normal” people only see the material value and usefulness of an animal, we see a divine spirit sharing sacred life with us on the journey to Oneness.

Why is it so hard to live as an Awakened Being in the West?

In the Eastern World the awakened beings are called Yogis, Gurus or Mystics (or even Buddhas). They are sharing their insights with other human beings and free them from their mind-made prison. Through their teachings people have learned skills and ways they can see their own shining light and how they illuminate the world with it.

In our “modern” Society, however, this doesn’t work at all. People rather label enlightened beings as crazy and strange. The attachment to the mind made it difficult for people to believe something, which is not “materialistic” or can be measured. And even beings who are getting to know who they are, often times fall in the trap of the spiritual ego and mislead the message of Enlightenment only to gain power.

6 Signs You’re an Awakened Soul…

1. You seek solitude in Nature: As you become more aware of who you really are, you also become more aware of the unconsciousness around you. It’s a burden for you to spend time around negative or unconscious people, especially if you don’t know them. When you don’t follow the need to restore your energies in solitude or when connected with nature, you are feeling sick, depressed and frustrated. You will also learn a lot by listening to nature.

2. You look for meaningful work: I guess we all have tried it…normal work. But for most of us this has seemed like a punishment, a prison in which you have to follow rules you can’t accept nor understand. Many people think you are crazy because you don’t pursue a successful career, but you know deep down that no material success can fill your heart and in turn make you happy.

3.You have this deep knowing: This knowing is deeper than the human mind. Therefore it’s difficult to explain it. It’s jus that you know that you are a realised being and that you have a special purpose in life. Without a doubt deep down, you know who you are. It’s just that you can loose yourself in the world of forms and its illusion. But don’t worry, the truth will always come to light.

4. You give people advice: …or rather people are looking for advice from you. It can be your brother, friend or even a complete stranger. Sharing your wisdom is like an addiction to you. It’s like when you know the ending of a movie, you just want to tell the other person. The reason why this wisdom is so attractive is, because it comes from a deeper dimension. A dimension in which everything is possible and out of which every idea is being born. And so therefore the people get drawn to you.

5. You have an increased interest in psychology: Because you know that mental illness is the cause for all of our suffering (also physical), you have an increased interest in psychology and the ways how it can help you and others to heal. Furthermore you are much more aware of the problems of other human beings. You can read them like a book.

6.Your love for others is limitless: Love. This beautiful gift. This precious ability to let your heart speak. When you are awake, you also begin to love unconditionally. It’s a strange feeling, because it’s a love you’ve never felt before (well, maybe as a child). This love lets you see through the suffering of unconscious people and bring forth the desire to help them with compassion and patience. It fills you with this calmness and peacefulness, which don’t need any reward, which is so fulfilling that giving love is all you need.

These 6 signs can help you find out if you are awake or in the awakening process. There are many more signs, but these were the most relevant for me and what showed me clearly if I am awake or just beginning to get crazy.
Oh yeah, just a little reminder! Awakening never can be forced, it is like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly…it happens spontaneously.

“That is the real spiritual awakening, when something emerges from within you that is deeper than who you thought you were. So, the person is still there, but one could almost say that something more powerful shines through the person.”
– Eckhart Tolle