Hand and Foot Chakras


A hand chakra is located in the palm of the hands and a foot chakra is located in the arch of each foot. The chakras in the palms of the hand, relate to creating what you want in life, trust and control issues, healing yourself and others., while the foot chakras relate to your ability to connect with Planet Earth, to ground and receive earth energy. Depending on the “dominant” hand or foot, (the one you use most), one sends out energy and the other pulls it in. These are considered minor chakras.



Hand chakras are located in the palm of the hands and foot chakras are located in the arch of the feet. The hand chakras are smaller in size relative to the major chakras. They can open and shut at will or when the body needs to give or receive energy. Even if you are without one or more extremities, the associated chakras remain active in your energy body or etheric body. The hand chakras vibrate at a higher frequency and their color is usually red, but they can be blue, white or yellow.

They are associated with creating what you want in life, trust and control issues and healing yourself and others. They work toward balancing your spiritual, emotional and mental health. These chakras transmit healing energies and receive energetic information from the universe. Working in tandem with the heart chakra, they allow the transmission of loving energy from the heart through the hands. Open hand chakras will enhance the creative artistic flow in someone who paints, sculpts or works with his hands. Open chakras are also necessary for those who have the ability to channel energy or who practice aura cleansing and healing. Good energy flows from a healer’s body to facilitate the healing of someone else.

You can stimulate your hand chakras by rubbing both hands together vigorously, allowing your hands to hang freely. You will then become aware of your heart chakra energy flowing into your hands. Healthy hand chakras allow you to give and receive positive energy without negative attachments.



The foot chakras do not have one particular color associated with them. Shades of brown and/or dark colors have been associated with them because of their low energetic vibration. Their sound vibrates to a deep base tone.

These chakras relate to your ability to connect with the earth, to stay grounded and to receive the earth’s energy. They help channel energies downward into the earth and allow the earth’s energy to travel through your body. Open foot chakras give you the ability to receive wisdom and guidance and to facilitate the connection between the earth and your body rhythms and life-force energy.

Various activities such as dancing, walking or roller blading are all excellent methods of keeping yourself grounded to the earth. However, for optimal results, walk or run barefoot through the grass, feeling and imagining the earth’s energies flowing inward and outward through your feet.