How We Are All Connected Through a Universal Consciousness...


Start upon your own journey of awakening and enlightenment by exploring what consciousness is where it comes from.

  • Spirituality primarily being about personal and emotional growth.
  • Awareness being about a level of consciousness, self-awareness, sense of knowing.
  • Physic ability being about intuition, the sixth sense, the awareness of a fact or reality that may or may not take place, and the various techniques, and exercises; clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, chakra alignment, and meditation.

All of these fields overlap across many disciplines and my goal here is to collect the different ideas, facts, and my experiences, and combine them to form a single idea or impression. The articles and blogs I personally have written are constant evolving documents and are likely to undergo some changes from time to time.

So far my journey has shown me that spiritual growth exists on a dualistic continuum. On one end is emotional growth (relationships) on the other is the intellectual (metaphysical). I believe the physical world, which is known by us human beings through our five physical senses, is complemented, by an invisible spiritual world. This is not a world of fantasy or imagination but a completely real environment for the human spirit. The spirit world is a separate realm of existence, but it constantly interfaces with the physical world.

Not everyone will agree, however I believe the physical person is created at conception and continues to live until physical death; the spirit person most often prior to the birth of the baby comes and goes at will. However the spirit person permanently begins its autonomous existence at the birth of a baby. It exists forever, first connected to the physical person, and then, once the body dies, in the spiritual world. The spirit world is not remote during life on earth, but it is unknown or not sensed to most people because of their undeveloped spiritual senses. In fact, us human beings live in two worlds’ but the spirit world’s subject role in relation to the body is often hidden. An awareness of this reality has played an important part in shaping my life and brought me here today, sharing my thoughts with you, hoping to serve the larger purpose and understanding of eternal spiritual existence.



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