Psychic Protection


On your journey toward psychic development, it is important to understand and practice the technique of psychic protection, or psychic shielding. Whether or not you are psychic, you can use these methods to protect yourself from harboring another person’s negative emotions, either from the physical or spirit worlds.

Your mind and body are great receivers. Sensitivity to stimuli around you triggers gut feelings on an emotional level. Although you cannot avoid all of your emotional responses, you can protect yourself from many of the unwanted ones. These negative feelings may not have come from within you; they may have come from an outside source.

The auras around your body reveal information about your emotions and responses. Because you can project your auras to others, this makes you vulnerable to other people’s aura projections.

For example, some people have difficulty being in large crowds or get the feeling that someone is sucking out all of their positive energies, like a psychic vampire. This makes them feel dizzy and closed in — not feeling like themselves and even having disturbing dreams. Whether you are a psychic, empath, intuitive, highly sensitive person or a healer working with energies, you have probably experienced these feelings at some time in your life.

At times it is difficult to identify the cause of your discomfort. It can take a lot of soul searching and insight into your encounters with others. It may take another psychic to help pinpoint the source, as he or she is sensitive to positive and negative energies, and particularly to those coming from the spirit world.

The following steps should be taken in order to keep you protected from invasion. Stay physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Focus on personal grounding. When you are weak in any of these areas you are more susceptible to illness and depression. Many meditations focus on grounding, particularly those that incorporate the Balanced and Aligned Chakras are a main factor in keeping your auras healthy and protected. A heightened sense of awareness and good feeling will be realized.

  • In everyday life, it’s important to focus on the positive rather than the negative. You can focus on only one thought at a time. Consequently, when you feel nervous, afraid, or lacking in confidence, that is all you can think about. By deliberately changing your thoughts and thinking about the outcome you desire, you immediately start protecting yourself.
  • isualize that your body is being showered with an imaginary bubble of white light. This white light is your protection. It emotionally guards you from the negative energies and feelings that are projected on you from others. Continue by imagining your auras glowing in a bright, blue light. This visualization amplifies your positive emotions of morality, good and love. There is no room for any opposing energies.
  • Another useful form of protection is to carry a crystal or gemstone. You can rub or fondle it whenever you feel the need for protection. If you don’t have a suitable crystal or gemstone, you can protect yourself using the methods that many actors use to conquer stage fright; they gain confidence by rubbing their thumbs and forefingers together.
  • Crossing your fingers is another method of gaining protection. Crossing your arms and legs also provides protection. Alternatively, you can rest your hands on your solar plexus to provide protection for your solar plexus chakra.
  • If you come from a Christian tradition, you can say a prayer or make the sign of the cross. These give you an instant connection with the Divine, providing peace and comfort as well as protection.
  • You can take several slow deep breaths, holding each breath for a few seconds before exhaling. This expands and strengthens your aura, which provides you with psychic protection.
  • After experiencing any form of negativity or psychic attack, it’s a good idea to enjoy a relaxing shower. Water absorbs negative energy and aids purification. Visualize the negativity flowing away from you while you’re in the shower.
  • As salt absorbs negativity, a leisurely bath in salt water will remove all the negativity that has attached to you throughout the day. After drawing the bath, add two tablespoons of rock or sea salt, and dissolve it in the water before getting in. If possible, spend at least twenty minutes relaxing in the salt water.
  • If you’re unable to have a bath or shower, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and again visualize the negativity flowing down the drain.
  • Finally, call upon your angels, spirit guides and God for protection. With their assistance, you will further empower yourself and be shielded from any psychic attacks or negative attachments.