You're not going Crazy, you're Waking up...


By Chantelle Renee

This is a very exciting time on earth and for humanity. Many are experiencing symptoms of the new frequencies as well as awakening/remembering who we really are. There is a global shift taking place as we expand our consciousness past the limitations and conditions that have been placed upon us..

Our televisions/media is a huge catalyst for the mass hypnosis and manipulation of our minds keeping us focused on materialism and issues that do not matter. They are selling stories, not solutions. Politics and many religions have kept us in a limited state of fear and control. What’s the solution? Knowledge is power.. However, action is still necessary…What action can we take to reclaim our birthright of our sovereign nature back?

One way is healing from the inside out… Aligning our individual selves taking responsibility for our own emotional well-being and spiritual evolution and not allowing the media and governmental machine to pump fear into our hearts. Leaving us to look to be protected and saved. Its only an illusion to create separation. If we are not in fear what do we need them for?

Seek your personal truth and look within to find the answers.. We cannot fully find our self when looking to others to hand us a key. The key is you and the search is within…

We have far more power over our reality than we have been told. As we reclaim our personal power and energies as creators of our own reality and begin choosing the thought forms that align us to our highest intention, we will begin to bring change within our own lives as well as collectively. Here are a few tools on riding this new energetic wave with the least resistance. This is a short list I plan to go into further details in my future posts.

☆ Keep your heart and mind open to all possibilities.

☆ Question everything you have ever been told or sold.

☆ This one is very important! Meditating can bring you to your higher self and there you will find inner peace and guidance within yourself by doing a daily practice of quieting your mind.

☆ Explore your chakras, this will give you a greater understanding of how our bodies and energy centers work.

☆ Understand that the greatest illusion is the illusion of separation. Realize that we are all connected to each other the cosmos, earth, plants, animals, sun, moon stars and so on.

☆ Love without judgment. Everyone here is at different places of consciousness doing the best that they can with were they are at. We are all learning lessons for our souls evolution. Compassion and patience is love in action. As we return to love all can and will be done.

☆ Drink lots of water. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. This helps with the flow of energies and eat as much organic fruits and vegetables as possible. A high alkaline diet is helpful during your bodies transition in carrying a higher frequency. You may hear high pitch ringing in your ears, this is normal as your body is adjusting.

☆ Look within and trust your intuition.

☆ Pray for peace and unity and share this with the youth.

☆ Ground yourself in nature and take time to appreciate the earth as it has provided us a beautiful home to experience physicality in.

☆ Exude gratefulness for everything in your life, this will assist you in attracting what you truly want in your life.

☆ Love yourself unconditionally as this is to love God/Source and the rest will fall into place. Daily tell yourself I love you and I am thankful for myself and my imperfections as they offer me reflections. I am love.

☆ Set your intentions to the highest and include the collective in them.

☆ Remember that it is very important to be able to change and practice non-attachment. If you cling onto the old world and its ways, you may miss out on the new world that IS coming. Being able to adapt to change IS the key for any species survival.

One last thing, I have found that staying the present moment is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, as it is truly all we have.

As we come into a new state of consciousness, we are leaving the old perceptions of what 3d reality is and the limitations of it. Like a snake shedding it’s skin, it serves no purpose holding on to the old skin. It is our soul stretching, there will be growing pains. They are temporary and creating space for a more profound beautiful human experience.

As we come through the veils of illusions that have kept us disconnected to our birthright of infinite possibilities and our connection to all that is, We begin to see through a whole new lens. It takes a brave heart to face ones shadows and bring them to light.

There is a lot of inner work needed to fully embrace this change. Evaluating past relationships and how they have a direct impact on our views and limited our perceptions of other potential realities. It is not a negative experience, those relationships has offered many priceless lessons that has prepared us for this time in our evolution. Not everyone is at this phase in evolution, that is perfectly fine.

We are all at different states of consciousness. That is the beauty of life, we are all direct reflections of God and unique expressions of divinity. It can feel lonely at times during the process, remember that you are never alone and you are loved unconditionally and guided by spirit.



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