The Messages That Were Always There

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul.

Whoever has chosen to be here on Earth during this great awakening, has already agreed to experience the right challenges, perhaps even a shock that will trigger the beginning of his/her change.

This becomes necessary when the messages for awakening given by the Higher Self are being devalued or avoided by the individual. Right now on Earth the majority of people, if they have not fully accepted the great change of consciousness that is taking place, they have at least experienced some sign in their lives that has led them to realize that something different is happening… something that they may are not able to explain yet.

Many may be thinking that this will pass or that there have always been changes on Earth etc. But what is happening on Earth is something so great that it will change forever our existence. It is not going to go away. It is the end of times, the closing of a vast circle of experiences within in simulation of life and the return to True Life. It is our self-realization and our awakening from everything that happened in a great circle of incarnations and the recovery of all our forgotten parts. It is the change of our cells, literally the mutation of our material body into a luminous thin body that will be functioning multidimensionally.

It is the transition from I think to I Am, to We Are. This change can not be undone or avoided. It is happening already. There is no going back. We have already decided this as souls.


So, the more the mind receives and sees all this information, the more it can resist because the mind does not want to change. It is not the linear mind’s function to process this information but the heart’s. The heart can move beyond time and space limitations. That is why we are moving to the center of the heart, because the heart knows the Truth. The heart (the heart chakra in the center of the chest) knows and can efficiently process all the new information and changes that the human body accepts, smoothly and calmly. The heart has access to the soul. In order to establish contact and relationship with the heart, the easiest way is breathing. Breathing is the number one balancing factor throughout this process! It brings us straight to here and now and makes us present within our bodies. The next is to open up a contact with what’s happening inside. Even a simple touch with the hand on the heart, can help the person feel or listen directly to his/her inner messages. The messages that have always been there!

Many times these internal messages contain strong feelings such as pain, frustration, fear, anger, and deep sorrow for something lost, mistakes that may have been made, or fear of what the future might bring. When a person begins to listen, to confess and admit the truth within about how he/she feels, then something magical happens, suddenly the whole system becomes relieved and free. The system then has the natural ability to undertake the correction from there on. As the individual avoids his/her inner truths, he/she blocks this physical functioning that the system holds to health, freedom and correction.

Therefore, in this transition of consciousness which every human is now called to go through upon Earth, one needs to have its own inner being as an ally, even if that seems difficult. It is time to give priority to the self because the self needs us more than ever. The time has come for the focus to come to the self no matter what might be happening externally. It is time to honor the inner presence, because this is the only way for one to pass through the eye of the needle. This is happening now! We are all going through the eye of the needle to become our soul, our True Being. To do so, emotional or material dependencies, excuses, illusions and projections of every kind, that kept one in the mind and in denying the inner truth, need to be cleansed. We are learning a new way to love.

As humanity moves towards the moment of great change, the harder it will be to hold onto anything or anyone else outside of the self.

Breathing and establishing a contact with the heart, are the two keys that naturally unlock healing and freedom.