The World Is Going Through A Massive Change...

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul.

…and it won’t just get back to “normal” in a few weeks or months. In fact, there is no “normal” to go back to as the world was never “normal” to begin with.

For most of us what we might see is a world gone “crazy”; but what we are really seeing is that the pathologies, control mechanisms, and shadows are coming more and more to light. Everything that most people have ignored and avoided looking at, within themselves and within the world, is rising up to be faced and transmuted.

This process is primarily one of Death and Rebirth and facing the shadow of yourself (personal) and of the world (collective); for both are interconnected and cannot be separated.

The old needs to die before the new can be reborn. It’s an alchemical process.

From a higher perspective of the Divine and the evolution of consciousness, even the so-called “evil” we are seeing has its purpose. It serves as a trigger to awaken us and face that which we have looked away from for so long. It is the “Kali Yuga”, after all, the darkest age of ignorance and materialism.

These shadows need to be revealed in order for the supramental consciousness to anchor itself onto the earth; spiritualizing matter and humanity—body, mind, and spirit.

This opportunity for alchemical transformation can only be taken if we collectively rise to the occasion and engage in the greater Work; for the outside will always reflect the inside.

The mud and forces of the unconscious and the underworld are rising up; all that you/I/we have suppressed (fears, wounds, and traumas) are coming to the surface, begging to be integrated, healed, and transmuted into wholeness so we can ascend to higher levels of Being; transforming ourselves and how we show up in the world as embodied frequency anchors.

The supramental consciousness of the Divine is also descending, which is what is stirring up the shadows by what its Light reveals. This evolutionary journey is a long process spanning over lifetimes, but these key “junctures”—like what’s happening now—and the choices we make when we meet them will determine the outcome.

Disillusionment, as we are faced with the parts of ourselves we tried to avoid, IS part of the process. This collective Dark Night of the Soul is a necessary process. The only way out is (with)in and through.

Therefore, all lies need to be revealed, within yourself and in the world. No one is excluded from this process. No steps can be skipped. The process of the evolution of consciousness entails making the darkness conscious, as this expansion encompasses a widening on all levels as we become aware of ALL.

There is no ascending spiritually without descending into matter (the body karma) first. It’s an internal and external process, as they are one and the same. Don’t just wait for a “Great Awakening” and “mass arrests” without being willing to face your own “stuff” as well.

Shadow work is the name of the game during these end times; thus the Divine will be testing our sincerity, humility, and integrity as we face ourselves during these “end times”…and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

This alchemical transformation will also give birth to new opportunities, quantum leaps in creativity, and true abundance (beyond just materially) but it must be rooted in these concepts of integrity and sincerity.




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