5 Symptoms of Psychic Awakening and How to Accept Them


Many people have their own psychic and intuitive skills but they do not know how to harness them to their full potential and get joy from them. Everybody is born with sixth sense but we are hardly encouraged to use it.

Here are 5 Symptoms of Psychic Awakening;

1. You are beginning to be with new people

For many people, psychic awakening activates once you go through a full spiritual awakening. The speed and depth of understanding of your awakening is different for everyone. You may lose interest in friends who are low in vibration. You may join new friends who have similar focus as yourself.

One way to know when your clairvoyant abilities are improving is that you start to see reality in another perspective. You feel enthusiastic in your mind and soul. You feel more eager and wish to have more rich and more substantial relationships and conversations. You go in search of depth and meaning.

2. Third eye activity

Whenever your psychic awakening is happening, The third eye that is located between your eyebrows might feel pressure or tingle.

This is quite normal and natural. You don’t need to worry or fear about it. This means your clairvoyant abilities are becoming stronger. It means you are starting to receive psychic information or you are communicating with souls/spirits through sight.

3. You’re more leaned towards Spirit

Your path to psychic awakening is recognized if you’re feeling spirits around you. All mediums have psychic abilities. Sometimes the name of your distant relative or friends unwell grandpa is on your mind. The spirit, which connects with you, might also be your spirit guide or your loved one who is a spirit itself.

4. Another way to see dreams

People know that they have extrasensory senses but often ignore them. We ignore and say, that’s just my imagination!

Higher states of awareness comes in to play when we sleep as our logical traits slumber. Rather it teaches us great things in dreams.

If you have found that, you are more prone to dreams or have very clear and meaningful dreams then its a sign that psychic awareness is strengthening. You can enjoy the fun of dreams at a much higher level. Lucid dreaming and flying dreams become the norm.

5. Physical changes and energy sensing

When you are developing your psychic skills , you will come to know that the physical senses are also growing. The reason being that your Chakras are beginning to open up. You may feel loud music irritating where as relaxing with your morning cup of tea will soothe you. The smell of tea might feel divine to you. Many physical sensations feel super amped up.

You may develop a disliking to some people, place etc, because something does not feel right. You feel a bit nervous and you do not know why. You start understanding the feelings of others. You do not want to read bad news in the newspaper about anybody. Also you can sense when someone is beautiful at heart and you feel his or her energy.

How to accept Psychic Awakening?

To accept the things as they are is the first step. If you could accept it then you can find the ways to deal with it. When you accept you feel relaxed and you start working on turning that to your advantage.

I hope now you have more peace about your psychic awakening. This is energy within you. You have to shape that energy. Initially you may feel uneasy but opening up your psychic senses feels good.



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