Find Your True Life Calling... Just Do This 5-Step Morning Ritual for 30 Days

The peace and stillness of the early morning are far different compared to any other time of the day. Aside from the magic that the golden hour brings, there’s power and tranquility that makes your psyche easier to influence and understand.

By using this time for introspection you can discover powerful guidance and life callings that come from deep inside your soul. Following a morning ritual, even for just 30 minutes, makes you gain more clarity about your life’s calling.

Not only that, but keeping yourself grounded early in the morning gives you inspiration and confidence throughout the day.

By being fully attuned with yourself, receiving messages about your true life calling is easier.

Practice these 5 Morning Rituals and be prepared to find your life’s calling:

5 Morning Rituals To Find You Life’s Calling

1. Wake up early

Commit to waking up as early as 5:00 am before the sun rises. It’s the best time to start your ritual.

It’s important to set the right timing in doing these rituals because it is said that the energy present in the early morning stimulates creative flow, harmony, and peace.

These factors will declutter the mental blocks you have, helping you tap into your life purpose.

Aside from that, when the rest of the world is still sleeping, you can take advantage of the quietness and stillness of the morning. Fewer distractions mean more focus on your work.

Waking up early might be difficult at the start, yet later on, you’ll get hold of things, as long as your commitment is strong. When you discover the fun and amazement this exercise brings, you’ll be grateful for doing it in the first place.

2. Meditate

If you find it difficult to sit in a lotus position, find an alternative where you’re more comfortable such as laying down, sitting up with the back against the wall, or propping up on a cushion.

Sitting in silence may work best, but you may also opt to follow a guided meditation.

YouTube is filled with lots of early morning guided meditations. You may try those of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, or Abraham Hicks.

There are also downloadable sounds to choose from like bowls or gongs, inaugural beats, or healing music. You can prepare a playlist the night before and have it ready by morning.

Aiming for 15-20 minutes of meditation works best. But whatever suits you best. Just follow the flow of the morning without keeping a strict limit with time.

3. Write in your journal

Once you’re done with your meditation, start writing in your journal. What you write is not important, as long as you’re allowing your thoughts to flow smoothly and freely.

Here are some writing techniques that work when you’re faced with a blank page:

  • Writing a letter to your younger self, loved one, parent, or anyone whom you want to send a message across but unable to do so for some reasons.
  • Tapping into your Spirit Guides, asking them for Divine intervention or guidance over an issue in your life.
  • Channeling your Guardian Angels or Archangels.
  • Making a list of everything that you’re grateful for or the changes you want to happen in your life.
  • Releasing all your worries, stresses and anxieties through writing and visualizing that you’re giving it to God to take care of.
  • Creating positive mantras or affirmations for the day ahead.
  • Writing poems, thoughts, or ideas.
  • Drawing, scribbling, or doodling.

By doing any of these techniques, you’re better able to pour out all your thoughts on paper, instead of carrying them all throughout the day. It declutters your mind from piled up thoughts while boosting the flow of your thinking.

Do journaling for about 10-15 minutes depending on how your thoughts flow.

If writing doesn’t work for you, you may speak out loud or record your voice. What matters is pouring out whatever is filling your mind.

4. Setting an affirmation for the day.

You can make your own, or take from others an affirmation that resonates best for you. Sit with it for just a few moments.

If you like, you can write it down and pin it in places where you see it often.

By reciting affirmations, you’re raising your vibrations and setting up for a more positive mood ahead.

You can also set other purposes for your morning ritual, either it be for your relationships or life in general.

Committing to doing it will bring an enormous change in your life.

5. Stretching and breathing.

Recharge your batteries and clear out stagnant energies by getting the blood flowing through your body.

You can do a morning exercise that’s no longer than 5 minutes and includes a couple of push ups, pull ups and jumping jacks. Or, you can do Yoga.

If you do yoga, sun salutations will suffice. Doing stretches in any pose for 5 minutes will also do good.

Just keep in mind to breathe deeply in between stretches, inhaling in positivity and exhaling out all negativity.

This will boost your blood flow throughout your whole body and give you a sense of freshness energizing you to start the day.

Getting up early, meditating, boosting your thought flow, setting affirmations and activating your body creates a subconscious antenna tuned to receive guidance for your life calling without being disrupted by everyday distractions. Once you complete doing this for 30 minutes a day within 30 consecutive days, the change you see in you will amaze you greatly.



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