Twin Flames

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul.

The concept of twin flames develop the among philosophers, mystics and and sages. At the moment of the soul’s creation it was split into two halves, each exploring a different aspect of spirituality or duality. One side is the divine masculine spirituality; the other is the Divine feminine spirituality. Plane is a sensually the other half of your soul.

Twin flames don’t often go through incarnations at the same time. Usually one well incarnate while the other stays in assists from the higher realms. As your soul progresses, the time may come for you to be reunited with your twin flame on the physical plane. This person can be the same or opposite sex, but spiritually they will encompass the yin or yang essence to complete yours.

When you are with a twin flame feel you feel complete. This person is a true mirror of yourself, which may prove to be challenging. Yet while the relationship may have its difficulties, there is an unconditional love and bond at sticks. A twin flame as like the ultimate soulmate. Although you can have many soulmates, you can only have one twin flame.