Spiritual Dreams May Offer Comfort, Insight, Warning and Revelation.



11/18/2014 – Plane crash/missing. Will take 3 years (2017) to figure out what happened. The evidence will show it wasn’t an accident at all, it was deliberate at the hands of the pilot. Saw a white Jet liner with red and blue strips, vertically red and blue bird logo on the tail.

03/08/2014 – Possible Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370


11/23/2013 – My Guide is a Hopi Indian. The Hopi people are very spiritual people. No wonder he chooses to be my guide. I never knew his name. I will ask him for him to visit me in my dreams and confirm his name.


11/20/2013 – My sister Ann pasted away October 12, 2013. She showed up in a dream… so beautiful. She was wearing a bright sunflower color blouse. She came up to me, looked at me straight in the eye and said she was sorry and left.