Meditation Enables Us To Embark On An Inward Journey and Experience Spiritual Understanding and Discovery.


05/12/2016 – Started going to Yoga. Clear the Mind, Body and Soul.


03/17/2014 – I know… it’s has been awhile since I have written on the journal. I need to start writing every day. Anyway, this morning’s meditation was very calming and relaxing. My sister Ann came through to say hello. I told her I missed her and was so grateful for all she has done for me. I told her I missed her being here on earth and that I know we will be together again someday.

Not sure why, but she brought me back to the day of her passing. What happened next… at first I thought was ego, when I questioned it as such, I felt an overwhelming embrace, a burst of love, chills… lasting for what seemed like a few minutes, to the point of my eyes watering, tears of joy.

Ann told me she was grateful of my being there for her and helping her cross. She tried to show me what she was seeing however I couldn’t see anything. I felt and knew she saw them waiting for her. She said she wasn’t scared, just really didn’t put two and two together as to what was happening at first. Just before leaving it was very peaceful for her and she thanked me.


11/20/2013 – I work from home, my desk faces a window. So when I’m working on my computer I have the most spectacular view, 20 stories above downtown Long Beach. On a clear day, I can see downtown LA, the Hollywood sign and the beautiful mountains all across my 180 degree view.

Today I was updating dating my journal from “11/18/2013-My morning meditation”. As I’m typing away I noticed a crow flew by, then it flew by again. This went on for 5 minutes or so. I believe this is the same crow that frequently hangs out on my balcony every morning while I’m in my living room doing my meditation.

The crow represents change or transformation. But much more than that, it refers more to a spiritual or emotional change. Crows are the messengers of God. Trains you to be the observer. The crow invites you to see the truth and be more aware. A crow could foretell the birth of a child, or a problem coming in your life.

If crow has flown into your life; Be aware that there is a message to be received and interpreted. A crow holds the key to higher consciousness and trying to bring certain things into your circle of awareness. Know that enlightenment is imminent.

This bird of prey often represents the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences if you choose to become more observant.

Many of the messages this bird brings you are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that will allow you to survive and flourish.

I found this very interesting, especially of the subject matter in which I was writing at the time. Because while I was writing, I was starting to questioning myself, my experiences, awareness and information I receive during meditation; questioning if it was really real or was this just my imagination?

Seeing this persistent crow flying back and forth, reminding me of his morning visits, affirmed my belief that these experiences are real and not to question them. It was so amazing, so moving and an enlighten experience to come to this realization that I will never forget it. Pay attention to the signs, repeating numbers, a song that comes on the radio that remind you of a memory, someone special. Remember what/who you were thinking about when these signs appear… always stay aware, there is a message to be received and interpreted.


11/18/2013 – Started meditating and within a few minutes, I couldn’t believe or even understand what I was seeing… It started out as everything being pitch black. I started to see some haziness, like smoke or fog in front of me. Looking through the haziness I noticed the black background with what looked like stars, like I was looking at a hazy backdrop of space. I was thinking… wow, how clear this was, noticeably three dimensional. No sooner than I thought this… staying focus on what I was seeing, between the haziness and the backdrop of space, something like I can only describe as fluid… huge, endless. I was seeing all this so super clear and so vividly, as if I was moving through space. Next I was beyond the fluid and in the most amazing backdrop of space. It was so peaceful, not like anything I have ever felt before, very quiet and very still, very vivid.

I heard a Noise, something in the other room which brought me out of my meditative state. My eyes still closed; I was suddenly aware of my body, which when looking back, I was not throughout this entire experience. I tried to stay focused and again look within. I wanted to go back… before I knew it, I was opening my eyes.

I have never experienced anything like this or have ever seen something so vividly clear in my life. You must be think I’ve been watching too much of Discovery or Syfy channel. But I’m telling you, it’s not so much of what I saw, it was how I saw it. The clarity, the fluid, the dimensional view doesn’t even come close to the true description. The words to explain do not exist.



11/15/2013 – Day 15; “How can I serve”, with Oprah & Deepak’s Meditation.

This turned out to be a very interesting session. I was very relaxed this morning enjoying watching a crow on my balcony that has been visiting every morning lately. During the meditation I was asking, “How can I serve”, the things I had been doing in my business came to mind; website design, seo and marketing and data recovery. Realizing these are things that help people and things I really enjoy doing.

I began to ask who am I? Who am I? And saying, “I am ready, show me”. I remember starting to feel very emotional to the point of tearing up. I tilted my head slightly up. I started feeling a bit of tingling and pressure on the top of my head. I asked again, who am I? Show me, I’m ready. I felt chills throughout my body. This was not a chill when you’re cold. This was chills of excitement, happiness and peacefulness. I felt this presents around me and could see this white light above my head even though my eyes were closed.

The mediation bell sounded. I knew it was coming, however it still startled me. I wanted to stay, I wanted to continue feeling this experience. In the end I knew I was being shown a little bit, call it baby steps. I thanked Spirit…



11/11/2013 – Started with Oprah & Deepak 21 day Meditation


11/05/2013 – Doing my normal routine in the morning, I went to the gym. I’m on the elliptical where I always do my thinking, speaking to people who have past on and talk with my spirit guide. I was thinking about my sister Ann who past just four weeks earlier, and the experience I had the other day while working down stairs at the managers office… I started talking with Ann, thanking her again for visiting me yesterday. I asked her what, and if where was something she was trying to tell me. No sooner than I said that, it came to me, she wanted me let Joe (her husband) know that she’s still with him. She proceeded to tell me that she was at the Las Vegas condo (where Joe and Jeremy were this past weekend), trying to get Joe’s attention by messing around with the lights and change the TV channels. She said Joe should know it would be more likely I’d visit him in Vegas. We both loved the Vegas condo and the time we spent there, whereas I didn’t like the San Clemente condo so much.

So I asked her to throw me a bone here, I sign of some kind. I proceeded to tell her that Joe and Jeremy (her son) were coming over on Saturday. Steven (a dear friend of Ann’s) was coming over to do haircuts for Jeremy, Carmine and I. We were all going to head out for an early dinner afterwards. I said to her, I wasn’t going to say anything to Joe unless he says something first… He needs to tell me he thought you we’re visiting him because he noticed the lights flickering or the TV channels changing.

Update 11/9/2013 – Steven’s over, cutting my hair. I was telling him of this wonderful experience that I had. I called Carmine over to listen, because I never got a chance to tell him about the second day while I was at the gym, and the conversation I had with Ann.

Joe and Jeremy stayed in the Vegas condo the past weekend. They had an electronics show to attend. I was telling Steven and Carmine that Ann told me she visited Joe in Vegas and was trying to get his attention. She said how much she loved the Vegas condo, whereas she wasn’t so fond of the San Clemente condo. I said to Steven and Carmine, I told Ann, I wasn’t going to say anything to Joe, that he will need to say something first.

Steven finishes our hair, Joe and Jeremy arrived. I said hello and excused myself, I needed five minutes to do something on the computer. I overheard Joe in the other room telling a story. I then heard Steven say, you have got to tell Paul this! I came into the room and said, tell Paul what? Steven looked over at me and said you’re not going to believe this… Joe proceeded to tell me his story, the experience he had while at the Vegas condo. He said he thought Ann visited him; she was messing with the TV channels. He would turn the TV channel to watch the game and the TV would change by itself and go to HGTV (Ann’s favorite channel). He asked Jeremy if he did that, Jeremy sad no. It happened several times thereafter, so Joe said, stop messing around with the TV Ann, and laughed.

Joe said he wasn’t surprise that Ann would visit while he was in Vegas. Just as I said and Joe repeated, Ann loved the Vegas condo, whereas she was not fond of the San Clemente condo so much.

After Joe finished his story, (of course it was killing me to hold back and let him finish) I told him of my experience, confirming what he sensed was real. Ann wanted me to tell him and let him know that she’s still with him, to watch for the signs, she will always be there. Steven looked over to Joe and said, Paul just told both of us exactly what you just told us 15 minutes before you arrived. He Told us he wasn’t going to say anything to you if you didn’t mention something first.

I could tell Joe was emotionally moved by this and the conformation. His rely… isn’t that something, with a huge smile.


11/04/2013 – My sister Ann past in October 12, 2013. I was at HarborPlace Tower, working on a computer in the manager’s office; the desk lamp started flickering on and off. So I said, hello Ann, thank you for visiting and told her I missed her. Immediately after I said that I heard a chime notification from my cell phone. I looked at my phone and I had received a text message from a friend sending her condolences. This was Ann’s way of confirming it was her.

A few minutes later Lisa, the manager walked in. I asked her if she ever had any issues with the desk lamp flickering on and off? She said never, (looking at me strangely). I proceeded to tell her what had just happened. She was amazed…

I told her story about when I went to the see the Physic Twins years ago, and an experience I had with lights flickering. The lights had been flickering on and off all week long prior to my visit with the twins. While in the reading, my father came through. They said my father asked if I notice the lights were flickering on and off the past week? I replied yes, with surprise. They said he was telling them, this was him letting me know he was there.

NO SOONER THEN I FINISH TELLING LISA THIS STORY, a sound came from my cell phone again. I looked down… it was a newsletter email from the Physic Twins! I showed the phone to Lisa, her mouth just dropped open. So I said to Lisa, I’m going to take this as Ann’s trying to tell me something. Maybe she wants me to see the Physic Twins so she can come through in a reading.

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  • Meditation enables us to embark on an inward journey and experience spiritual understanding and discovery.