11/05/2013 – Doing my normal routine in the morning, I went to the gym. I’m on the elliptical where I always do my thinking, speaking to people who have past on and talk with my spirit guide. I was thinking about my sister Ann who past just four weeks earlier, and the experience I had the other day while working down stairs at the managers office… I started talking with Ann, thanking her again for visiting me yesterday. I asked her what, and if where was something she was trying to tell me. No sooner than I said that, it came to me, she wanted me let Joe (her husband) know that she’s still with him. She proceeded to tell me that she was at the Las Vegas condo (where Joe and Jeremy were this past weekend), trying to get Joe’s attention by messing around with the lights and change the TV channels. She said Joe should know it would be more likely I’d visit him in Vegas. We both loved the Vegas condo and the time we spent there, whereas I didn’t like the San Clemente condo so much.

So I asked her to throw me a bone here, I sign of some kind. I proceeded to tell her that Joe and Jeremy (her son) were coming over on Saturday. Steven (a dear friend of Ann’s) was coming over to do haircuts for Jeremy, Carmine and I. We were all going to head out for an early dinner afterwards. I said to her, I wasn’t going to say anything to Joe unless he says something first… He needs to tell me he thought you we’re visiting him because he noticed the lights flickering or the TV channels changing.

Update 11/9/2013 – Steven’s over, cutting my hair. I was telling him of this wonderful experience that I had. I called Carmine over to listen, because I never got a chance to tell him about the second day while I was at the gym, and the conversation I had with Ann.

Joe and Jeremy stayed in the Vegas condo the past weekend. They had an electronics show to attend. I was telling Steven and Carmine that Ann told me she visited Joe in Vegas and was trying to get his attention. She said how much she loved the Vegas condo, whereas she wasn’t so fond of the San Clemente condo. I said to Steven and Carmine, I told Ann, I wasn’t going to say anything to Joe, that he will need to say something first.

Steven finishes our hair, Joe and Jeremy arrived. I said hello and excused myself, I needed five minutes to do something on the computer. I overheard Joe in the other room telling a story. I then heard Steven say, you have got to tell Paul this! I came into the room and said, tell Paul what? Steven looked over at me and said you’re not going to believe this… Joe proceeded to tell me his story, the experience he had while at the Vegas condo. He said he thought Ann visited him; she was messing with the TV channels. He would turn the TV channel to watch the game and the TV would change by itself and go to HGTV (Ann’s favorite channel). He asked Jeremy if he did that, Jeremy sad no. It happened several times thereafter, so Joe said, stop messing around with the TV Ann, and laughed.

Joe said he wasn’t surprise that Ann would visit while he was in Vegas. Just as I said and Joe repeated, Ann loved the Vegas condo, whereas she was not fond of the San Clemente condo so much.

After Joe finished his story, (of course it was killing me to hold back and let him finish) I told him of my experience, confirming what he sensed was real. Ann wanted me to tell him and let him know that she’s still with him, to watch for the signs, she will always be there. Steven looked over to Joe and said, Paul just told both of us exactly what you just told us 15 minutes before you arrived. He Told us he wasn’t going to say anything to you if you didn’t mention something first.

I could tell Joe was emotionally moved by this and the conformation. His rely… isn’t that something, with a huge smile.