11/28/2013 – No more republican party 2016-2017. Politics will be changed forever. I have been saying this for 8 years. This may even obstruct having a President???

Update 08/03/2016 – Seems to be happening.

Confirmed 10/28/2016 – FBI Director James B. Comey sent a letter to Congress saying the bureau is investigating additional emails that appear relevant to the Hillary Clinton email case. This hypocrisy is a beginning to the end of the republican party. The findings will only help the Clinton popular vote. However, this will not make any difference in the outcome of the election. Comey will be forced to resign as will some Republicans when this all comes out in the wash. This upset that has started on Friday will play a big part in the political party as a whole and will open the eyes of many around the world.

Confirmed 11/09/2016 – This just came to me out of nowhere! Donold J. Trump, President Elect??? Something strange with this…does he not make it to the White House… Does he not finish his term…? I just have to write this down. May help at a later date as more messages come in.

Update 11/25/2016 – Jill Stein has raised millions of dollars for recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to attempt over turned the election… this may explain why I saw no more republican party (saw this back in 2005 for 2016-2017).