03/14/2014 – Relief to 6 year drought in California 2017. Heavy rains and flooding: Pacific winter storms late 2016, early 2017. These storms will bring much needed relief to the drought-stricken regions in California. Many states across the U.S. will no longer be in drought.

Confirmed 01/12/2017 – Headlines: Big storms end drought across much of Northern California

Confirmed 01/18/2017 – Headlines: First of 3 more storms hits California.

Confirmed 01/22/2017 – 3.87″ in Long Beach, CA in one day. Wow! Waiting o for Thursdays drought report

Confirmed 01/24/2017 – Headlines: Two of Nation’s Worst Droughts See Significant Improvement. Southern California and parts of the South saw improvements in drought conditions this week… I’ll let the graphic speak for its self.