11/15/2013 – Day 15; “How can I serve”, with Oprah & Deepak’s Meditation.

This turned out to be a very interesting session. I was very relaxed this morning enjoying watching a crow on my balcony that has been visiting every morning lately. During the meditation I was asking, “How can I serve”, the things I had been doing in my business came to mind; website design, seo and marketing and data recovery. Realizing these are things that help people and things I really enjoy doing.

I began to ask who am I? Who am I? And saying, “I am ready, show me”. I remember starting to feel very emotional to the point of tearing up. I tilted my head slightly up. I started feeling a bit of tingling and pressure on the top of my head. I asked again, who am I? Show me, I’m ready. I felt chills throughout my body. This was not a chill when you’re cold. This was chills of excitement, happiness and peacefulness. I felt this presents around me and could see this white ligh above my head even though my eyes were closed.

The mediation bell sounded. I knew it was coming, however it still startled me. I wanted to stay, I wanted to continue feeling this experience. In the end I knew I was being shown a little bit, call it baby steps. I thanked Spirit…