The Primary Purpose Of This Site Is To Keep A Live Journal About
~ My Journey Within – Passion and Life Purpose

Logging my various thoughts and ideas on different subjects; dreams, awareness and meditation. This site will act as an archive for various articles and blogs I have written and collected on subjects mostly dealing with spirituality, awareness and physic ability.

Something Calls Us To Grow, To Awaken. What Happens When Awakening Beckons?

I share my most inner thoughts, experiences, my journey within because I know there is something bigger than ourselves, and that is unlimited, unified collective consciousness. The fabric of all creation.

On my pursuit of higher consciousness and awareness; always asking questions regarding reality, passion and life purpose. Little did I realize when I first began my journey, that one day my personal experiences would help others. Yet, here it is. This website is a reflection of my journey within. It is an important resource to provide old and new ideas that offer alternative paths to spirituality and enlightenment. The site is used as a guide to help others explore their journey within. Help them pave their path to reach inside themselves and discover what is already there.

I am so excited to share the wonders that await you. My advice for you is while you’re on the path to your spiritual journey, be patient. I don’t want anyone getting discouraged and feeling they are not moving towards enlightenment, and awakening. Everything you do is making the difference in your spiritual growth.