Meditation-Love “Center of Divine Operation”

Like no Love, no life. Love is the essence of life.
Love is the essence of what you are. Love is the reason you are here.
Love is everything. Love encompasses all there is and ever.

Close your eyes, relaxed, and followed these instructions.

Just imagine that there is a light in your upper chest near your heart and imagine it growing brighter and brighter, radiating with Love. Breathe slowly and deeply, filling your lungs with air. Breathing is important. Now let the light have a nice steady glow, like the glow you see from a candle, only much larger. Let it become more radiant and begin to surround your whole body. That’s it, the sensation you’re getting in your chest is all right, that is your heart opening. Now imagine sending a beam of Love from this glowing area to your favorite tree or the plants in your garden. To your friends or family – Good. When you sense it is enough, then just let go and open your eyes, bringing yourself back into the present moment. There you go.

“I am breathing in the Life, the Love, and the Power of the universe RIGHT NOW!
Expel the breath with the same thought and send it out to mingle with the universe.”

Focus on your mind being the center of divine operation.

You should memorize this passage and meditate upon it, endeavoring to make your mind a “center of divine operation,” by entertaining only such thoughts as you feel are reflections of God’s thoughts. Whenever you sense that your way to freedom is obstructed, make a stronger endeavor to live with the spirit of your affirmation, and you will soon find your mind receiving ideas, which, if followed, will guide you into the path of absolute liberty.

The thought I use most frequently myself is this: “My mind is a center of divine operation. The divine operation is always for expansion and fuller expression, and this means the production of something beyond what has gone before, something entirely new, not included in past experience, though proceeding out of it by an orderly sequence of growth. Therefore, since the divine cannot change the inherent nature, it must operate in the same manner in me: consequently, in my own special world, of which I am the center, it will move forward to produce new conditions always in advance of any that have gone before.”

Protection is an inherent quality of life; consequently it fills all space, ever ready to be called into any form of expression. If you get into the spirit of that idea, you will see how quickly corresponding results will appear. Because the quality of the subject mind is the same in you as it is “throughout the universe, giving rise to the multitude of natural forms with which you are surrounded, also giving rise to yourself.” It really is the supporter of your individuality. Your individual subjective mind is your part in the great whole, as I have declared before. The realization of this will enable you to produce physical results through the power of your own thought.