Shift In Consciousness

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul. There are moments in everyone’s spiritual journey when we feel stuck. We awaken to universal truths about our existence and then, all of a sudden, it’s like we cannot rise higher. We become depressed and even bitter as time goes on. We lose that feeling of wonder we walked with. A part of us thinks that we have reached our spiritual limits. But, of course, that’s just an illusion. The reason we feel stuck is because we become too attached to a particular ideology and forget fundamental truths. The solution to becoming unstuck is reminding ourselves of these fundamental spiritual truths. Instead of retreating back, we need to face these truths head on and break through the spiritual blockage.
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Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul. We take various decisions in our life depending on the basis of our understanding of circumstances we are in and accordingly set our paths to be followed. We move on different paths at different times in our life. These may be good or bad, short or lengthy, smooth or rough. But everyone has got his or her own set of paths. Irrespective of that we have to keep moving in life.
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Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul. There’s a shift happening in humanity, a shift in consciousness, happening now because it has to happen now.
— Eckhart Tolle
There’s a spiritual shift going on, and if you haven’t felt it yet, you most likely will, unless you don’t want to, and if that’s the case, you’re going to notice a lot of interesting changes happening on the planet that will let you know that the shift is occurring. But, here’s the thing, once you notice these interesting changes, the shift will happen to you too because you’ll suddenly be aware of it, and that’s what it takes — awareness.
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