Signs That Reveal You Are In a Twin Flames Relationship

I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love. ~ William Blake

What are twin flames? Lets talk about what twin flames actually are – more specifically who they are and what they mean to each other. The question you should ask yourself is not what is the reason behind why twin flames work so well but how? Twin flames are the embodiment of a singular soul – our twin flame is the remaining code to our own flame.

Our twin isn’t ever far away, through conditioning of mind and spirit you can learn to communicate with your twin flame telepathically as well. Let us talk about this in depth.

Each of has only one twin flame and we share the same soul – at some point in time our souls split and went our own ways. These full halves of one grand soul then spent time apart from each other and gained experiences and lives over and over again without ever having met their twin flame again.

One does not necessarily have to meet their twin flame in one specific life time. Through incarnation we continued spending our loves separately from one another. There is no set time or moment when twin flames are supposed to meet up again, it can happen purely by chance – but it will happen.

This also doesn’t mean that these flames can’t experience other relationships with other people – in fact it is important that they do so they can learn from a multitude of valuable experiences.

Do twin flames stay together forever after meeting up again?

Let us postulate that two twin flames have finally met but they don’t know it yet. Is it guaranteed that they will stay together? No, there is no guarantee of that at all, the reunion of two flames is a powerful one, one that requires mental fortitude and a level of maturity gained from a wide variety of experiences.

Some flames may end up together, but or perhaps both are not ready for that type of relationship. They can be scared of this new sensation they feel, this draw they never felt before and due to this pull they end up scaring each other off. The purpose of twins isn’t just to progress together but bring everyone around them under their wings and move forward.

Are there twins meeting today?

With the world finally realizing there are people who bring out the best in them, everyone is out and about looking for that specific person. It’s been catching speed in recent years and more and more twins are finding each other now.

This doesn’t however mean that these twins will be staying together, as mentioned earlier, there are some prerequisites that are necessary before twins can entire their unison.

Even after they’ve found each other and proclaimed their love for each other a twin flame bond doesn’t truly mature until both parties have full soul maturity. That can take time and effort to pull off and it’s quite common that twin flames will part ways for years on end from each other to deal with their emotions.

With all of these twins looking for each other there are bound to be a few that end up together. These twin flames will be a beacon of light for everyone around them they will be role models and people will aspire to find the same connection they witness between the twin flames.

Can twin flames have children?

There is a lot of discussion going on about this topic. While some proclaim that due to spiritual inevitability twin flames wouldn’t be able to conceive, others reject this idea and consider child birth to be the ultimate culmination of a strong twin flame relationship. My personal opinion is that twin flames can and do have children.

The birth of any new life is the most beautiful thing that can happen and twin flames can certainly partake as well. The reason I say that is because the purpose of a twin flame reunion is to bring about harmony – by bearing children they are potentially enable other twin flames to meet up with their counter parts. There couldn’t be a deed nobler then that.

How long have people known about twin flames?

The concept of having a twin flame has been around for ages. People call it different things but it all means the same thing. Another common name for twin flames and one you’ve definitely heard is soul mates. Soul mates are considered to be two people who are fully compatible with each other on a spiritual and physical level – the same can be said without the shadow of a doubt for twin flames.

In ancient history and recent times as well there has always been a concept of “the one”. That one person who is expected to be everything you have dreamt of, the one person who sends shivers down your spine, the one person who finishes your sentences, the one person who you know inside and out having only met for the first time.

What is the guarantee I’ll meet my twin?

It is guaranteed that you will meet your twin flame some day. The question isn’t about if you will, it’s when. You can spend four lifetimes not having met your twin flame, but the fifth life time may be your lucky time.

Patience is a key virtue when it comes to things like this. One should also take into account that they may or may not be ready for their twin flame relationship.

Some people would go as far as to say, I don’t want to meet my twin flame yet. That is perfectly reasonable, we all have immaturity within us that may or may not go away within any given lifetime. Some twin flames get frustrated from the wait and can fall into depression or acquire anxiety issues, while other twin flames will accept the challenge and consider it as the calm before the storm.

What happens after my twin flame passes away?

Your twin flame will remain exactly that forever. You may have parted ways again physically in this lifetime but you will be reunited eventually.

The idea of your twin flame passing away can be quite traumatic just to think about – wonder how it must feel to actually go through it. A twin flame passing away can cause the other flame to go into soul shock – this phenomenon can actually work to bring you even closer to your twin flame.

Remember that even though physically your twin flame may have passed away but he or she lives on in spirit – it is not impossible to communicate telepathically or feel their presence in everyday life. Learning to cope with the worldly loss will only make your bond stronger for when you reunite in the 3D world again, maybe in your next life time or centuries later.

Reincarnation and can two males or two females be twin flames?

If you consider the fact that reincarnation isn’t bound by gender rules – you can come back as male or female, it is quite easy to fathom that twin flames too are not bound by gender rules. This is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society with the recent wave of acceptance and message of love being spread across many regions.

Faith based ideologies have had their shackles around the world for so long that twin flames who were of the same gender couldn’t live out their lives in peace – that is the still the case in many countries around the world. However the more progressive countries that have accepted same gender union unconditionally have witnessed twin flames coming together who are of the same gender.

What are the Twin Flame Signs?

Twin flames are meant to be together and that can’t change as they are in fact the same. Through reincarnation and getting past the struggles of human experience they will once again reunite whenever chance allows it. It’s important to know the signs of who your twin flame is and we’re going to jump right into what they potentially are!

#1: You can’t help but notice you’ve met somewhere before

You probably have but in a different life time and that is why this feeling of familiarity is so prevalent. This feeling of longing and nostalgia can be overwhelming to the point you may consider it to be déjà vu. It’s important to let these emotions manifest and simmer into something strong, which will undoubtedly happen if you’ve found your flame.

#2: You feel like they are the answer to your problems

There are people that everyone meets that seem to bring about a peace and tranquility they can’t achieve with someone else. You begin to encounter positive change in your life and your experiences become more gleeful, passionate and energetic.

#3: You connect with them unlike with anyone else

Much like an orchestra of various different instruments and sounds comes together to form a seemingly harmonious melody – you and your twin flame have the same sort of harmony. You connect with them at every possible level and that connection is what leads to a brighter passion.

#4: You learn more about yourself

Your twin flame will help you to unveil aspects about yourself that you haven’t yet realized. Together you are meant to unlock each other’s potential in a way that wouldn’t be possible had you not been together. This however is a double edged sword, there are reclusive people in the world who don’t want to be examined and probed into – it will take time for them to become accustomed to the change.

#5: Your relationship is on multiple levels

Being a lover is a sole branch in the tree of twin flame unison – there are many other things that are involved. Your twin flame will not only be your lover, but your guide, your mentor, your care giver and many other things. This phenomenon occurs because twin flames are involved in more than just passion and desire.

#6: No one needs to change

This sign is crucial to understand – your twin flame doesn’t seek to change who you are. They would accept you for your faults and your strength. They would motivate you to be true to your identity and let you know if you are diverting from it.

#7: Nothing is Taboo

Amongst each other you can share whatever it is that you want to. Nothing would result in a situation where you two wouldn’t accept each other anymore. Twin flames have a deep understanding of each other and that is why there can never be blood between them.

Things that seemed to be confusing now begin making more and life becomes easier to grasp at. Your life would already have turned around towards better things, but it will now also stay on track. Meeting your twin flame will ensure that together you will walk down the path you both were meant to.

#8: You begin learning new and relevant things

Emotions that may have once been dormant inside of you such empathy will come sprawling out. If you feel like your experiencing feelings you never have been while in the presence of your special someone – it’s more than likely that that person is your twin flame.

#9: You now have a purpose to fulfill

Your twin flame will walk with you on your destined path. Both of you are meant to fulfill your destinies but in unison of each other. Things that seemed to be confusing now begin making more and life becomes easier to grasp at. Your life would already have turned around towards better things, but it will now also stay on track. Meeting your twin flame will ensure that together you will walk down the path you both were meant to.

#10: you’re unique magnets to each other

If you have been in an on and off relationship for quite some time now, that is most likely because that person is your twin flame. You just can’t stay away from your flame because you’re unique magnets to each other and they can’t stay away from you. That is the driving force and reason behind you getting back together so many times.

#11: Reconciling can be easy but there’s always something to learn

Even twin flames will bicker and disagree about certain things – the difference is that both of you will spend more time learning from these experiences rather than quarreling. If you find yourself having lots of constructive dialogue with your significant other that is a great sign that they are your flame.

#12: You complete each other, and not in the cliché way

If you have a brooding and mellow type personality, your flame will have a cheerful and energetic type one. This helps in flames realizing their own short comings, and having someone to fulfill your gaps for you is amazing.

#13: You’re together, but you’re also free

You’ll find many couples complaining that they feel locked and caged. This would not be the case with twin flames, even though they are bound to each other – they are also free. That is because they have a level of understanding between themselves that only they understand.

#14: You feel like you’ve reached home

You never have to leave your comfort zone to appease your twin flame. You can be yourself flaws and all and they will accept you for that. When together twin flames make each other feel at home and more importantly, comfortable in their own skin. However this is achieved through dedication and devotion to understanding each other at a higher level then what they experienced in past relationships.

#15: It’s almost instant

Your connection with your twin flame didn’t take time; it can be described as explosive – like pouring gasoline on a fire. There’s no concept of a spark – it’s just a vibrant flame that is lit the moment you meet your twin flame. This moment usually leads into a euphoric emotion that many twin flames just can’t handle and sometimes resist the attraction but when all’s said and done twin flames will end up together.

#16: There isn’t a pace that doesn’t work

Whether you and your flame start off slowly or rapidly – it just doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is you’re going to be comfortable with it. Many people have avoided relationships because they were moving too fast for them, but the moment they met their flame and that too went fast – it felt natural! Due to the nature and importance of this relationship however if you suspect you’re with your twin flame it is suggested you take it at a slow to moderate pace. There is going to be a bang of emotion and not everyone is capable of dealing with that.

#17: You’re tailored to their needs and vice versa

Everyone has short comings and there isn’t a perfect person on this world. The closest we can come to perfection is through unison – two people diluting each others flaws to create something beautiful in tandem. If you feel as if your darker side is suppressed while being with someone, chances are – they’re your flame.

Twin Flame Stages in a Relationship

Twin flames don’t just meet up and it all goes perfect from there – there are many stages twin flames go through in their relationships until their relationship has fully matured. A fully matured twin flame relationship really is a sight to behold.

The relationship between two twin flames is all about intensity and explosiveness, there comes a point when it seems like everything has gone down the drain but that in fact is the calm before the storm, once renewed the twin flames then emerge as a fully matured twin flame union.

This reunion is truly a sight to behold, not only for the two who are involved but for the people who are looking at their relationship.

Stage 1: Looking for your flame and understanding the meaning of disappointment

At this point in your relationship you know that he or she is out there and you know there is a connection. You can do nothing but yearn at this point and it may seem like lifetimes of waiting, which it actually can be.

This waiting process is what gives the twin flame relationship the initial burst of flare. However we’re going to focus on the waiting game for now. It’s not the same for everyone however, while some may feel anxiety, others may feel anger, and others may fall into phases of depression.

One emotion I’ve found most common out of the rest is curiosity – the human mind is an inquisitive one by nature and that is what leads to our need to understand what we’re looking for.

This stage is twofold – the grueling wait and as we mentioned before, the preparation. Preparation is vital to the success of a twin flame relationship. Being mentally and emotionally ready for your twin flame is what will be the deciding factor on whether or not the relationship works in this lifetime or not.

The wait however can be disappointing for many – there are recollections of many people saying they haven’t meant their twin flame yet 65 to 70 years in their lives and understandably so, this can be quite disappointing.

Stage 2: You’re oh so close!

It could be one fine morning on your way to the park for a nice jog that you happen to pass by someone who instantly catches not only your eye but your mind. This will definitely feel like more than just a spark, it may feel like a punch to your gut. This doesn’t have to be through catching a real life glimpse of your twin flame however.

They can appear in a vision while your day dreaming but the overall result is going to be the same. Many twin flames also feel the importance of these glimpses and consider them as premonitions that they’re about to meet and engage with their flame at a more physical level.

This phase is a perfect moment to spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for what’s about to come. If you know you’ve seen your twin flame there’s no guarantee they’ve had the same experience and at least one of the parties needs to be ready for what’s about to unfold.

However it is also quite possible that your counterpart has noticed you around too, both of you being ready for the awaited moment would be the best case scenario.

Stage 3: Finally there!

You’ve finally met your twin flame – a person you’ve been longing for many lifetimes. The explosion of euphoria can be unsettling if you’re not ready for this. Love will be the word of the day for many days to come.

The longer you stay together the deeper your bond will grow and the more you’ll hesitate from straying far ever again. The intensity of the connection will almost seem like it’s straight out of the movies but rest assured this is completely understandable considering this is something you’ve waited for patiently, painstakingly and through agony.

From this point on changes will start to occur and your previous experiences will make you stronger in dealing with them.

You may feel like you’re always falling, disoriented like an infant or even at a loss of words when you’re around your flame. This attraction will be something completely new to you and it’ll be unlike anything you’ve experienced in past relationships. This is going to be explosion of love you were waiting for and it’ll hit you like a truck!

Stage 4: All is perfect.

You’ve met your twin flame you’ve fell in love and now you sit across from them at a dinner table and you just can’t take your eyes off. This is the moment in the relationship from which every Disney princess movie is based off of.

Trials and tribulations leading to the perfect relationship that can’t be tainted or scarred. At this point you will feel as if everything you’ve ever asked for has been given to you – your twin flame will be the last piece of the puzzle to your life and you will feel complete. You may have had a glimpse of this feeling in a past relationship but it probably wasn’t as strong as you would be feeling now!

This is now your paradise and you intend to keep it that way but when has anything been gained without putting in the effort. Once this phase slowly comes to an end new trials will besiege the twin flames and it’ll be a matter of true grit to see if they persevere.

Stage 5: The Crash after the Rush.

You’re now past the euphoric stages of your relationship and it is now time to being living as a constructive unit. Remember that we previously mentioned that your twin is going to be the gaps in your personality.

If you’re the brooding person he or she will be the cheerful one. This can and most probably will cause a clash of ideologies – the brooding one may not be able to withstand so much glee at once and vice versa.

I know from personal experience that I can’t deal with a brooding personality myself for too long. This will lead to arguing and fighting and a tug of war to see who gains control. This is the part of the relationship where both parties must learn to grow into each other rather than against each other.

Some twin flames that have passed this stage come out to say that they found this phase to be moment when the relationship fully solidified. Many people later realized that disagreement from their loved ones was not a sign of contempt but one of constructive criticism. In any case insecurities will run wild during this phase and both twin flames must remain strong.

Stage 6: Paradise running away?

At this point it would seem like Nirvana is attainable for you too. One party caves and the other one is grasping at straws. At this point you must remember that twin flames are naturally attracted to one another.

Even though one flame may want to run away, it isn’t because of you – it’s because that twin flame has not yet fully matured. In this game there will be the runner and there will be the chaser. The chaser is definitely more mature as he or she will be looking to make things right. The runner however will find reasons to distance themselves as much as possible.

This is the phase that must be endured by both parties in any way possible to come out as strong as ever. In some cases a partner can leave for very long periods of times only to come back and give it another go (twin flames always come back together). If all is maintained well and the two flames begin to reconcile, their relationship will come out with amazing strength.The reconciliation begins

With both the twin flames ready to discuss their issues in a more open way – egos will break down. Emotional barriers will also begin to break down and a feeling of acceptance will begin to seep in. This is the phase the twin flames will learn the most about each other.

As they continue breaking down barriers they will communicate more effectively. Insecurities will be laid out bare and open to discussion. This process will also make the flames substantially more comfortable with each other.

They’ll learn that their counterpart is the right person for them as they reconcile each difference. This process should be taken slowly and with care. Just because you’ve got to this phase doesn’t mean it’s only moving forward from here.

You can find yourself back in the previous phase if one twin flame feels they are being exploited or if you’re not empathetic enough to them. However get past this stage and you’ll find yourself at the finish line.

Stage 7: A reunion of fire.

As the relationship progresses you won’t notice when you finally enter into this final phase. As the insecurities and problems dwindle down day by day you will both begin to understand each other in a unified manner. This is the moment you will start working toward a single goal rather than your own goals.

Purity and oneness starts here – the relationship reaches its pinnacle and the twin flames embark on their enlightened and unified journey.

Together they will also bring hope to everyone around them; they will be a beacon of radiating light. People will see that they have a deeper connection then they have ever experienced and those people will seek out their own twin flames.

The wonderful thing about this phase is that you don’t have to force it down people’s throats – you can tell when two fully mature twin flames are interacting with each other. At the end of the day, it should never be forgotten that it all comes down to you as an individual and how good you are at reading the signs.

Soul mates signs, who they are…

A soul mate is not and can never be your twin flame. Soul mates are highly compatible souls that work will with your own being. This has a variety of positive and negative effects.

100% compatibility means that both of you will have more or less the same outlook on life, the same way of doing things and dealing with others. This causes you both to learn nothing from your own mistakes – in fact because they think alike, these soul mates can be a negative influence on each other. This doesn’t seam to be the case with every soul mate union but this is something you will definitely not find a twin flame union.

Soul mates will never stick to one another forever. It is important to note that though soul mates may seem like the perfect match for each other on some grand scale, they aren’t truly meant for each other. All of the feelings you may feel with your soul mate can be very similar to the feelings you will have when you finally meet your twin flame.

Furthermore, you can have multiple soul mates throughout your life times – consider the diversity of the human soul, there’s bound to be many combinations of personality characteristics that work well with you.

Here are some signs that you have met your soul mate:
  • Silence speaks volumes – even when you’re not communicating you understand what each of you is feeling.
  • Mutually agreeing to everything isn’t a problem. You and your soul mate work think and play on almost the same wavelengths.
  • Past relationships are easy to forget and move on from when you meet your soul mate.
  • You will be your true self with your soul mate – limiting the barriers you put up around you.
  • The attraction feels raw and very intimate – almost as if it’s made out of pure energy and you both are the result of that energy.

Difference between twin flame love and Soul mate love

Soul mate love is all about the lime-light, there’s no dirt and grime that comes along with it. This bliss is virtually never present in a twin flame relationship forever. Things may start off like it will be a soul mate union, but shortly after the twin flames which are completers of each other will begin to clash.

This clash isn’t due to hatred or animosity towards each other, it is specifically due to the insecurities and barriers humans build themselves with. When someone finally comes around calling you out for all the faults you have, you won’t instantly change – you’ll deny it, you’ll fight it and hopefully one day you’ll realize it for what it is.

Another key difference between soul mate love and twin flame love is the fact that you will always have only one twin flame. You can have a multitude of soul mates, all of which will be more agreeing with you then your twin flame will ever be.

Twin Flame Telepathy

Twin flame telepathy is becoming more and more common as people begin to learn more about what twin flames are. Twin flames have split from one majestic soul and have become fully functioning individual souls. However at one point they were together and completely intertwined.

This lost union, however, isn’t entirely lost – or forgotten. As people increase their mental and spiritual fortitude they can connect with their twin flame telepathically.

Twin flames have been known to communicate with each other for years on end telepathically without ever meeting each other. This isn’t because they don’t want to meet but simply because the circumstances haven’t dictated as such.

Logically though the telepathic connection becomes stronger once the twin flames have met and moved fully past all of the stages of their relationship. A fully matured twin flame union has the strongest telepathic capabilities.

Twin flame runner, why it happens.

Whether it is twin flames or soul mates, after all, we are humans. We each come with our unique set of flaws that can be quite diverse and complicated. Everyone has personality pros and cons and twin flames exhibit these flaws to each other after they meet up.

Remember the initial reuniting of two twin flames will always be intense and explosive, but after the dust settles and they begin to exhibit their personality traits to each other, consequences can occur.

Now it is understood that the best person for you will always be your twin flame, but that means that this twin flame will show you what your weaknesses and flaws are. This doesn’t sit well with every type of person, and the arrogant person may find this to be a direct attack on their being and would thus find themselves creating distance from their twin flame.

Purposely creating distance with your counterpart twin flame is known as twin flame running. A twin flame runner can’t handle what he or she has to hear and not being able to fathom harsh realities can lead to seclusion and reclusiveness rather than acceptance and creating progress.

However a twin flame runner can only avoid his or her twin flame for so long, there will come a point where egos will begin to melt away and a proper union can begin.



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