Have You Walked This World Before? Here Are A Few Signs that You May Have Been Reincarnated...

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“And only the enlightened can recall their former lives; for the rest of us, the memories of past existences are but glints of light, twinges of longing, passing shadows, disturbingly familiar, that are gone before they can be grasped, like the passage of that silver bird on Dhaulagiri.”

~ Peter Matthiessen, The Snow Leopard

The belief of reincarnation is one that dates back throughout history. Largely attributed to cultural and religious groups throughout South Asia and East Asia, the concept is also shared in a number of ancient Middle Eastern religions such as Greek Orphic, Manichaeism and Gnosticism. It has also been embraced by many modern-day spiritual believers.

The theory states that when you die your spirit does not die with your physical body. Instead, it leaves the body and is, in turn, reborn. Depending on the religion or culture this new existence may be human, spiritual or even animal. This means that while we may only remember our current life at this time, this isn’t necessarily our first time here on the planet. Instead, we may have walked the Earth many times before, experiencing life and creating memories that are now long forgotten.

There are, however, times that our spirit holds onto these former memories and experiences. We don’t often recall them as clearly as we do our own life experiences, but we can experience glimpses into these previous lives. These reminders reveal to us that we have, indeed, walked this Earth before, providing us with some insight into who we genuinely are deep down in our soul.

Here are 6 signs that you have been reincarnated:

You suffer from intense, irrational fears or phobias.

Many of us have been afraid of something in our lives at one point or another. Maybe spiders send a shiver down your spine, or the idea of snakes gross you out. There are, however, much more intense fears and phobias that can reveal an event from our past life. For example, if you are so afraid of water that the very idea of swimming sends you into a panic, then there is a good chance you drowned in a previous life.

You have a strong sense of intuition.

Your intuition or ‘gut feeling’ is your ability to tap into a deeper knowledge or understanding within your self when dealing with a situation or decision in life. It is believed that the more mature our soul becomes, the more knowledge that we have picked up. For this reason, someone who has a strong and accurate sense of intuition likely possesses a much more mature soul, gathering knowledge throughout many lives.

You have vivid, realistic dreams.

While everyone dreams from time to time, these dreams are far more real. Rather than feeling like we are watching our imagination at work, these dreams feel deeply connected to us and highly familiar. Dreams connected with reincarnation will often reoccur time and time again, like a video on repeat in our minds.

You experience odd memories.

We all know the emotions that can come with reliving a memory time and time again, closing our eyes and feeling as if we were once again right there in the moment. There are, however, times that we may be able to recall a memory in the same way that family and friends state never happened. This is especially true in young children who share elaborate, detailed memories that their parents are positive never actually happened, however, the details all add up.

You have incredible natural talents.

Have you ever noticed that you are inexplicably gifted at something like it just comes naturally while others work hard to build up the skill? For example, maybe you picked up a guitar and just naturally started playing without any previous experience, or you could ski incredibly well on your first attempt. While some may claim this is nothing more than beginners luck, it may be a sign that this is something you worked on learning in a previous life, and that skill set has carried through.

You experience unexplained déjà vu.

Déjà vu is a well-known phenomenon in which you feel as though you are reliving something you have experienced once before. This can happen naturally within this life, if you are recreating the same experience or mistake, however, if you are experiencing this phenomenon during situations that you know you haven’t had in this life, it could be an indication that this is a memory from a past life.



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