Spiritual Law of Frequency and Vibration

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According to the Spiritual Law of Frequency and Vibration…

…‘fear’ is a very heavy vibration and has a low frequency. In contrast, calmness, peace, love and harmony are light vibrations and have a high frequency.

The Spiritual Law of Frequency and Vibration tells us that rage and anger are low, heavy, vibrational energies. Underlying anger and rage is always fear based and stems from feelings of vulnerability and powerlessness.

According to the Spiritual Law of Frequency and Vibration, when we stay centered and calm we sustain a high vibration and are empowered. When we hold this energy we are able to live with integrity and honesty, speak our truths and be our authentic selves.

Animals are spiritual, intuitive and instinctual beings. They are able to respond to frequencies of which we humans are not even aware. For example, a dog growls if we are frightened of it. A horse will immediately know if we are scared of it and will respond accordingly. When we are feeling confident, strong and loving, all creatures (be they animals, plants and humans) respond positively to the high frequency and vibration we emit.

Angels have an extremely high vibrational frequency. When we think of them and/or connect with them we instantly raise our vibrational frequency along with our consciousness.

To do something (or not do something) because we are forced, coerced, pressured or feel we are obligated or ‘should’ do, it is a very heavy vibration and a low frequency. Guilt and/or obligation are not good reasons to do things, and this lowers our vibration and frequency. When we change our attitudes and/or make the decision to do what we genuinely want to do, we radiate a high frequency light, energy and vibration.

According to the Spiritual Law of Frequency and Vibration, when we live our lives with honesty, grace, charm, generosity, joy (and all other positive qualities), we automatically dissolve the low frequency emissions of others, raising their frequencies. In doing this, according to the SPIRITUAL LAW OF KARMA, wonderful things will come back to you.

All negative thoughts and feelings of anger, jealousy, violence, guilt, abuse and the like, produce dark, heavy, low frequency vibrations. The vibrations of love, compassion, joy, forgiveness and the like, transmutes low energy and raises it to a high frequency vibration and energy.Spiritual Law of Frequency and Vibration

Disease and illness have heavy vibrations which block the flow of the vital life-force. Healing on all levels takes place when high frequency energy is channelled and directed towards what (or who) needs healing. High frequency vibrations and energies transmute the heavy vibration of disease and illness and allows the physical body to return (and retain) good health and vitality. This has positive effects on all levels of the body and soul, mind and spirit.

Our names also have a vibration. When our name is spoken it calls in our life lessons. Prior to our physical birth on the earthplane, we chose our particular name and vibration to suit our life purpose and soul lessons. We then telepathically impart this name to our parents. From a Numerological viewpoint, our names carry the energies and vibrations of the relevant and co-relating numbers from which it is made up of.

Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number, and the totality of those numbers gives us our ‘vibrational name number’. We carry this vibration throughout our lives.

In order to draw light and love to our planet and all of its’ inhabitants, we are to invoke columns of pure white light in order to allow angels and Higher Beings to enter. With our thoughts, beliefs and intentions we are able to create bridges of light to people and places so that assistance and healing may be bestowed upon them.

The Spiritual Law of Frequency and Vibration tells us that low, heavy vibrations can always be transmuted and raised by the light, high vibrations of love, compassion, joy and kindness.



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