What Color Is Your Aura and What It Means?

An aura is an emanation of energy surrounding one’s body, and it varies throughout time depending on experiences and circumstances of each individual. In short, it’s basically one’s essence, and can supposedly be captured using something called Kirlian photography, or electrophotography. While many people regard the study of auras as pseudo-scientific and unsubstantiated, it’s still a very popular activity nonetheless, and can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses in your own energy field.

So What Color Is Your Aura and What It Means?


The main traits of those with a predominantly yellow aura are intelligence, logic, and quick-witted. They think with their heads, not their hearts, and can quickly put their emotions aside to deal with problems that arise. They can sometimes work themselves too hard, however, as they are high achievers who thrive on reaching their goals. People with a yellow aura love to spend time alone, though they don’t feel lonely. They don’t have many friends because they choose them wisely, but they love and adore their close circle of companions dearly. People with a yellow aura crave highly intelligent conversations; they don’t do well with small talk. The main weakness of these people, however, is that they can sometimes be too judgmental of themselves and others.


As you might have guessed, people with a red aura have a fiery, feisty nature, and cannot be tamed easily. They love freedom, adventure, and excitement, and get bored quickly. People with a red aura have a high level of confidence in all areas of life, and don’t normally suffer from mental or physical illnesses. They love sports and doing anything active, and have a highly competitive nature. They are natural born leaders, and don’t like people telling them what to do. They are open, honest people, and won’t hide anything from you. They get straight to the point. The only downside to people with a red aura is that their need to rise to the top may burn some bridges on their path.


People with a pink aura have a very generous, sweet, approachable energy. They give love freely, and are a hopeless romantic. They also are empaths, with an uncanny psychic ability and creative talents. People with this color aura are idealists, which makes it hard for them to see the world as it is. They want to change it somehow, and feel like it’s their mission in life to do so. Just like people with red auras, people with pink auras are very honest, and give everyone a fair chance. However, they need to learn to stand up for themselves, because people tend to walk all over them due to their gentle nature.


If you have a green aura, then you have an unwavering love for the outdoors, and consider yourself a true nature lover. You also probably have a high level of health consciousness, and put only the most nutritious foods into your body. You keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, and don’t sync with pie-in-the-sky ideals. You have a practical, realistic approach to life, and take care to keep yourself and your home polished and cleanly. You also enjoy safety and stability, and don’t like too many changes occurring in your life. However, sometimes you can be too rigid in your approach to life, so try going with the flow more.


People with an orange aura love the spotlight, and don’t enjoy being alone too often. They are charismatic, funny, loud people, and always seem to be the center of attention. On the opposite end of that, however, they have an innate ability to sense other’s emotions, and care deeply for how people feel. Due to their passionate nature, they can sometimes lose their temper, but will quickly apologize if they’ve been out of line. People with an orange aura are confident, approachable, and amiable, but can sometimes make rash decisions and let their impatience get the best of them.


This color signifies great psychic abilities, and high sensitivity to emotions and energies. People with a purple aura have a mysterious, quiet nature, and contemplate all the big questions in life. They never stop exploring, and love to learn about new subjects. They live a lot inside their own minds, but they have a beautiful soul. People with this color aura tend to spend a lot of time in nature and with other animals, as they feel misunderstood by most humans. They don’t have many friends, but they adore and cherish the ones they do have. Sometimes, people take advantage of their open, loving nature, so people with this aura need to do a lot of self-care to protect their energy.


Having this color aura is quite rare, but it symbolizes strength in communication and a bold personality. As you might have guessed, this aura signifies a calm, gentle nature, and so these people make wonderful peacemakers and solvers of problems. They can smooth things over quickly in an argument, and have an honest, highly eloquent way of talking with people. These people seem to have the perfect balance of thinking and feeling, and always say the right thing at the right time. However, they can sometimes take on too much work and not make enough time for their relationships.


People with a gold aura have a love for all things beautiful and elegant in life. They thrive on being the center of attention, and have a very active social life. They love to host parties, entertain people, and simply enjoy life in the moment. They have a strong independent streak, and don’t like asking for anyone’s help or advice. These people can sometimes come across as shallow due to their extravagant tastes, but they simply enjoy giving people nice things, and decorating their living space with them as well.


Highly talented, and flexible in all areas of life, people with this aura can adapt perfectly to any situation. It’s almost like they can mold themselves into whatever they need to be, and they excel in many different areas of life. They attract success left and right, and usually make very good leaders and teachers. People are drawn to them because of both their inner and outer beauty, but people with this aura need to take care not to let this get to their head.


People with a light or dark brown aura tend to be lost souls, trying to find their place in life. They might fall back into bad habits, and have a negative self-image. They tend to focus so much on other people’s flaws, that they forget to address and fix their own.


Black points to blockages in the energetic field. It can also signify deep, unresolved issues, depression, anger, rage, stagnation, discontentment, or any other negative emotion.



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