What Is a Higher Self ?

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul

The term “Higher Self” is associated with many belief systems but its basic premise describes an omnipotent, eternal, conscious, and intelligent being. This means that it is with unlimited power, with no beginning or end, full with Organized Information and aware of itself.

When you heard the term “Higher Self” or “Sacred Self” you probably thought of your soul. The truth is your Soul and your Higher Self are different, but let’s not rush and start from the beginning.

Hm… what could this mean? Isn’t that what The Soul is? Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything in a bit.

Many religions interpret this “Higher Self” in a different way because there is not enough knowledge of what it is and what its origins are. The most common mistake is to mix it up with your soul because they are linked together. Despite not knowing what it is, all of us can feel its existence and understand it in our own way.

Now I want you to imagine what we call God as unity of everything, A Great Oneness. This Oneness is all energy that exists, and we know that everything is energy, so this is unity of everything. But, in order to experience feelings The Oneness needs to create separateness just so the energy can interact with itself. This is why the oneness created The Universe.

Because everything changes, energy moves, information is reshaped and linked to different meanings, mater is transformed into different elements, The Oneness needed to save the “treasure” from different experiences as knowledge, truth, and powerful, honest, significant feelings. This Universal Vault is known as Akashic Records (I know it sounds like something that publishes Eminem’s music but the name comes from the Sanskrit word “Akasha” which means “sky”, “space”, or “aether”) or as some call it “The Divine Library” or “Mind Of God”.

Your Higher Self is your “personal locker” in The Universal Vault where you store valuable information through your lifetimes. Your soul is the owner of the locker who searches for valuable “treasure” through a lifetime. Your soul chooses what to take with itself from the locker in each lifetime. The things your soul chooses to take manifest as your talents, core beliefs, and instinct.

What is “The Treasure” you may ask? “The Treasure” is every experience/information your soul finds it significant for your higher purpose. This is usually felt as an outcome from doing something you are passionate about (like working in a fast food restaurant)

Your Higher Self is the locker and your Soul is your essence that comes from The Oneness. Your soul holds your true purpose, your mission and it usually is searching for The Universal Truth. Your Soul stores the valuable information in your Higher Self and that is how your Soul gets stronger.

You must Learn How to Contact Your Higher Self in order to see who you truly are, how to improve, and what are your Soul’s goals. Your Soul interacts through your Spiritual Being, the pillar responsible for setting goals but so does your EGO. To be effective in your mission you need to Balance All 4 of Your Pillars (Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical) to work as one and look beyond EGO and Fear.

Simply put, the Oneness that gives your purpose and your soul is a part of is called Higher Self.