What Is A Soul Contract?

What Is A Soul Contract?: For many people, spirituality is a big part of their existence. For some it’s subscribing to a known spiritual practice and following those rules and regulations while for others it’s simply knowing that there is something out there greater than themselves and doing what they can to connect with that cosmic energy.

Whether you relate to this or not, most people have trouble denying the existence of a higher or spiritual plane that affects us even when modern science can’t explain it. Even renowned scientists have stated that no matter how advanced our technologies grow, there are still things we cannot explain which leaves a lot open for interpretation.

Since science doesn’t understand the spiritual realm, it’s difficult to put things into perspective and most of the time our limited vocabulary falls incredibly short when trying to describe something spiritual. This has lead to countless theories, beliefs and dogmas, some with millions of followers while others may only have one.

Definition Of A Soul Contract

Soul contract is one of these beliefs and it centers around the theory that every person has a living soul deep inside them that makes up their personality and determines who they are as a human being. The belief is that every person’s soul makes contracts with the souls of others whether you are aware of this or not, and this determines not only who people allow in their lives but also how they interact and how deep their relationship will go.

Since our relationships are generally the most influential part of our lives, believing that your soul makes contracts with other souls, also means that your soul plans out the all the important decisions you’ll make through your lifetime.

This goes even further in stating that most, if not all, of these contracts are made by your conscious soul even before your birth. Many attribute astrology to this as well, believing that your soul determined your date of birth in order to be aligned with some astrological event that will help form you as a person and get you on the chosen path in life.

Soul Contract Is Made Before Your Birth

Does this then mean that after birth, you are no longer the master of your destiny? This is a difficult question to answer. One could argue that since your soul made all these contracts before your birth, you’ve already made all the important decisions needed to ensure your life stays on the right path.

You therefore almost create a blueprint of your life and then just watch things unfold after you are born. However, it could also be said that even though you made a perfect life blueprint as a spiritual being, when you become physical you need to connect with your spiritual side in order to stay connected to your true self or risk taking all the wrong turns in life and end up in places you were never meant to be.

This philosophy would then state that if you connect to your spiritual self, you may be better guided through life and even receive some supernatural insight. Some would call this psychic abilities.

Whatever your beliefs, it’s important to be true to yourself and not deny the existence of something greater just because you can’t put it into a coherent thought. Pray, meditate, seek and question and perhaps you too will find your true destiny.