Understanding Vibration / Frequency

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul.

Our vibration / frequency is really just our level of consciousness. Very much like the floors of a building, each higher level offers us greater views than the one below, providing an ever-increasing perspective. In this way as we raise our vibration our choices can become inspired rather than reactive. As our vibration expands, so does our perception of life, we become more aware of how each moment fits into the bigger picture. This places greater importance on each and every moment to bring our highest wisdom to life, as a gift for ourselves and the world around us.

We often treat our level of vibration as a bench mark of how well we are doing in life. But this can innocently work against our best interest. When life doesn’t go according to our plan, we assume our vibration isn’t high enough. But life will take us on its rollercoaster ride regardless. It is how we respond to life that determines our vibration. We also beat ourselves up as we strive for social spiritual status, where the label of low vibration is considered some kind of lack or misgiving.

A big assumption is that a high vibration is cultivated by how much we know. This can lead to a tendency to oppose, debate, and defend. If we believe vibration is a matter of knowing, we may see solutions and relief of other people’s pain, as a need for more understanding or knowledge. It can even become the long-standing spiritual misunderstanding of believing: “if only they knew more, this would shift.” As if they are being punished with frustrating outcomes and inconvenient circumstances because they have not learned more than life has put in front of them.

No single event occurs in our reality as a punishment for any behaviour and has absolutely nothing to do with what we do or don’t understand. The fact is, that we are meant to survive each experience and come out the other side more empowered and wiser than we were before, and it has nothing to do with what we did not do or did not know.
As we embark on this journey of awakening the problem exists within our own minds as we can be so attached to our outdated ideas and methods. Holding on to these old systems only slows down our process as we distract ourselves from the real work and divert our energy to defending the very beliefs, we only collected to wake up from in the first place. It is akin to a university student holding on to and defending the knowledge they learnt in junior school. Forgetting that what was learnt was only a stepping stone to get them to the next step.
As we progress along our journey we will move through many stages. Three of which are Knowledge, integration and embodiment.


For many of us knowledge is the first step on our path to our awakening. We have come to realize that there is more to life, that there is something else out there, that there just might be a better or different way to navigate this world. But that just leaves us with many questions. We search for years looking, reading, going to seminars and workshops trying to find some answers to the tough questions. What is really going on? Why do I feel this way? Am I not normal, and what is normal anyway? What is my purpose in life? The questions go on and on and to make things worse any answers we might find only spark more questions. As we start to get a semblance of what we believe to be a path forward we then must try to put it all into practice.


Integration is this practice of trying to live in this new way. Here we strive for perfection, looking to get it all right. Working hard to remember to release old habits, make different choices, respond in new ways. This is the rollercoaster time when some days you feel like we have it all sorted, and life is wonderful and without any notice the next minute we feel like we’ve been hit by a bus and it’s all going wrong. It is us assimilating all that we have learnt so far into our systems.


Embodiment is what we’ve been looking for. It is by no means the end of the journey, and there are still moments of integration. The big difference here is a wisdom that comes with embodiment. In this stage we have reach the higher floors of the vibration building so to speak as our frequency has risen. We can now see what is happening in our lives and the world around us from a different perspective. Life flows as we let go of outcome and we move with the ups and downs with ease. There is little or no struggle in our world as we understand that we are the creators and life happens for us and not to us. In this embodiment stage life flows with grace and ease.
In this new paradigm, vibration isn’t a matter of what we understand, but how honourably and heart-centred we are willing to be, no matter the situations or circumstances that comes our way. In this journey to an awakened life, we cannot know our way into a higher vibration. Instead, we must show our vibration as a demonstration of how deeply our highest wisdom has been fully embodied into our daily lives.

Welcome to A New Way of Living
by Algernon Williams ‘Ease’