Om – The Esoteric Meaning and History

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‘Om’, ‘Ohm’ or ‘Aum’ is a sacred symbol that is known generally as the sound of all creation. According to the Mandukya Upanishad, “Om is the one eternal syllable of which all that exists is but the development. The past, the present, and the future are all included in this one sound, and all that exists beyond the three forms of time is also implied in it.”

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The 11:11 Awakening Code

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“What does 11:11 mean? Many people who experience 11:11 regard it is some kind of cosmic trigger designed to grab their attention and direct it to whatever place inside them that needs awakening. We have become quite automatic in our living, and for many, 11:11 feels like a call back to consciousness. The best version of ourselves resides in the realm of reflective awareness, where we consider the effects that our thoughts, words and actions will have, and 11:11 may be playing a role in boosting that awareness.

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The Messages That Were Always There

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Whoever has chosen to be here on Earth during this great awakening, has already agreed to experience the right challenges, perhaps even a shock that will trigger the beginning of his/her change.

This becomes necessary when the messages for awakening given by the Higher Self are being devalued or avoided by the individual. Right now on Earth the majority of people, if they have not fully accepted the great change of consciousness that is taking place, they have at least experienced some sign in their lives that has led them to realize that something different is happening… something that they may are not able to explain yet.

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Understanding Vibration / Frequency

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Our vibration / frequency is really just our level of consciousness. Very much like the floors of a building, each higher level offers us greater views than the one below, providing an ever-increasing perspective. In this way as we raise our vibration our choices can become inspired rather than reactive. As our vibration expands, so does our perception of life, we become more aware of how each moment fits into the bigger picture. This places greater importance on each and every moment to bring our highest wisdom to life, as a gift for ourselves and the world around us.

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6 Signs You’re an Awakened Soul

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What is an Awakened Person?
First, we need to clarify what an awakened person really is. There may be some differences in the understanding of an awakened human soul, but there a some aspects, you will find in every “enlightened soul”.

The term “awake” refers to the process of shedding off the illusion of form and materialism and letting the light shine through. Like we are waking up everyday from our dreamworld, so do people who are in the process of awakening. They realise slowly or sometimes in a rush, that reality as we know it is not more than a dream.

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Archangel Angels and Cosmic Energy

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Cosmic Energy is another name for Life Force Energy. The cosmic energy is ever present, has an impact on each and every particle in the whole universe. It is the energy flowing throughout everything. The entire universe operates on a dynamic force, called cosmic energy. Everything from the smallest cell in the human body through to the millions and trillions of stars in the Cosmos are a living vibrating dance of pure energy.

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What is awakening?

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Awakening is a shift in consciousness in which thinking and awareness separate. For most people it is not an event but a process they undergo. Even those rare beings who experience a sudden, dramatic, and seemingly irreversible awakening will still go through a process in which the new state of consciousness gradually flows into and transforms everything they do and so becomes integrated into their lives.

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Meeting Your Shadow Self Through Meditation

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People practice meditation for different purposes. Some seek one of meditation’s many benefits for the body, mind, and relationships; others are seeking personal growth, emotional healing, or spiritual development. Regardless of what your initial intention was for starting the practice, if you meditate long enough, you are bound to discover many things about yourself—some of which may not be pleasant. This could be called the “shadow self”.

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Whats The Difference Between Kundalini and Spiritual Awakening? Whats The Difference Between Kundalini and Spiritual Awakening?

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The difference between kundalini and spiritual awakening is that Kundalini is a powerful phenomena occurring in Conciousness but Spiritual Awakening is Conciousness waking up to Itself as its true Identity.

Kundalin Symbol that has become a medical symbol as The Caduceus. This symbol is derived from ancient Egyptian and Greek symbols for the risen and awakened kundalini.

Kundalini is nearly always involved in a spiritual awakening. but it is not necessary for kundalini to rise to be spiritually awake.

Spiritual awakening is waking up from identification with form and the ‘little me’ I had supposed was my identity which with awakening is seen through and eventually discarded as part of the dream state and unconscious world.

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Here Are 10 Distinct Levels of Consciousness

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Many spiritualist or esoteric traditions have mapped out levels of consciousness. The below system proposes 10 distinct levels of consciousness:

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Here Are 7 Steps to Become More Spiritual Every Single Day…

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To live a highly spiritual existence is not as complicated as you might think. It’s not that weird either.

Being spiritual means to work on your spirit and become spiritually aware. It means that you grow as a person and follow your own journey towards the truth.

You can do each of the following things for a few minutes per day to get more and more spiritual.

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There Are Moments In Everyone’s Spiritual Journey When We Feel Stuck… Here Are 7 Fundamental Spiritual Truths:

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There are moments in everyone’s spiritual journey when we feel stuck. We awaken to universal truths about our existence and then, all of a sudden, it’s like we cannot rise higher.

We become depressed and even bitter as time goes on. We lose that feeling of wonder we walked with. A part of us thinks that we have reached our spiritual limits.

But, of course, that’s just an illusion.

The reason we feel stuck is because we become too attached to a particular ideology and forget fundamental truths.

The solution to becoming unstuck is reminding ourselves of these fundamental spiritual truths.

Instead of retreating back, we need to face these truths head on and break through the spiritual blockage.

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How You Know You Are Walking The Highest Path Of Your Purpose.

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We take various decisions in our life depending on the basis of our understanding of circumstances we are in and accordingly set our paths to be followed.

We move on different paths at different times in our life. These may be good or bad, short or lengthy, smooth or rough. But everyone has got his or her own set of paths. Irrespective of that we have to keep moving in life.

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Adopt These 7 Buddhism’s Habits and Principles As They Can Change Your Life!

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Do you know that Buddhist monks always appear present, focused and calm?

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These 10 Brutal Truths About Life Will Help You Get Your Shit Together!

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Many people easily get annoyed at the fairy tale-like stories, which typically go like this:

  • I had a dream.
  • So then I achieved it!
  • And here I am now giving you advice.

However, the truth is that we always have a lot more to learn, despite the fact that life seems much harder thanks to such stories.

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According to Buddhism, Happiness is Based on These 5 Brutal Truths About Life…

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Once you learn these 5 brutal truths about life, you’ll be a much better person.

We have all gone through some obstacles at a certain point of our lives in the name of survival. We often tend to deny them as they are difficult to deal with. However, as difficult as they are to bear, it is imperative if we want to live a fulfilling life.

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The Spiritual Shift — Do You Feel It?

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There’s a shift happening in humanity, a shift in consciousness, happening now because it has to happen now.
— Eckhart Tolle

There’s a spiritual shift going on, and if you haven’t felt it yet, you most likely will, unless you don’t want to, and if that’s the case, you’re going to notice a lot of interesting changes happening on the planet that will let you know that the shift is occurring.

But, here’s the thing, once you notice these interesting changes, the shift will happen to you too because you’ll suddenly be aware of it, and that’s what it takes — awareness.

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You Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident – Everyone is a Cosmic Connection

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Every single person you encounter serves a greater purpose in your lives. You take something from everyone that you encounter. Some will pass through briefly and others will stay.

Life is a journey, not a destination!

The universe sends you signs and people to guide you towards your life’s purpose.

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The Effect of a Solar Eclipse on Your Mind, Body and Soul

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Solar Eclipses have fascinated people since the beginning of time, and is one of the only astrological events that most people stop and pay attention to.

Even though the cosmos is always putting on beautiful displays for us, a Solar Eclipse is definitely one that you cannot ignore, especially the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, which will peak on August 21, 2017.

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Intuitive Astrology: Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

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The August 21st Solar Eclipse falls in the sign of Leo and will be inspiring you to transform so you can start a new chapter that is more aligned with your soul.

Solar Eclipses are like amplified New Moons and often bring about transformation, new beginnings and changes. Their potency can sometimes be intimidating, but it is important to remember that they always put us on the right path.

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The Secret of Healing-Meditations For Transformation and Higher Consciousness

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~ Deepak Chopra

Welcome to the secret to healing meditations for transformation and higher consciousness. There is only one secret to healing and it is enlightenment. Enlightenment means going beyond your ego encapsulated identity and realizing that you are the Universe, manifesting though a human nervous system and becoming self-aware. When you feel on bounded and Free, you will begin to heal yourself. The word healing is related to the word holy. Healing is the return of the memory of wholeness. When your whole, your holy and your healed. When your whole, you also lose the fear of death because you recognize that death is a creative opportunity to recreate yourself. So the secret to healing is actually the secret to enlightenment.

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3 Most Important Turning Points During Spiritual Awakening

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Today, it is clear for almost every spiritual seeker that we live in the era of awakening. However, what is the awakening is most misinterpreted. Many people think that awakening and enlightenment is the same, it’s a single-time event: it’s happening for once and you are done!. On the contrary, the truth is that enlightenment is a process that is actually a series of awakenings.

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Find Your True Life Calling… Just Do This 5-Step Morning Ritual for 30 Days

The peace and stillness of the early morning are far different compared to any other time of the day. Aside from the magic that the golden hour brings, there’s power and tranquility that makes your psyche easier to influence and understand.

By using this time for introspection you can discover powerful guidance and life callings that come from deep inside your soul. Following a morning ritual, even for just 30 minutes, makes you gain more clarity about your life’s calling.

Not only that, but keeping yourself grounded early in the morning gives you inspiration and confidence throughout the day.

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10 Stages Of Awakening Each Person Has To Go Through Before Achieving Enlightenment…

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Awakened souls tend to attract each other immediately. It’s easier for them to recognize the vibration of each other during encounters.

If you’re one of these awakened individuals, you quickly notice other awakened souls almost in all places. Some are fully awakened, while others are just starting their own awakening process.

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13 Ways To Expand Your Consciousness Everyday

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Being more conscious is like exercise for the brain, each and every time you throw yourself into the present moment it is a reminder of the beauty of life and the world around you.

To be more conscious is to be more aware. On an individual level this means, being aware of yourself and on a collective level this means being more aware of your surroundings and the world that exists outside of yourself.

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9 Things Only Awakened Souls Will Understand

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Getting to the point where your consciousness is expanded and your soul is fully awake is not an easy place to get to. It’s not impossible, it just takes a bit of time.

If anyone is looking for a quick fix or a magic pill to get them to this state, you’re on the wrong planet. To awaken your soul takes a bit of persistence, some patience and faith. It won’t happen overnight but you can make it happen. The result?

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How to Achieve Higher Consciousness a Step at a Time

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What is higher consciousness – and how can you elevate yourself to a higher level?

Higher consciousness has many names: collective consciousness, Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, superconsciousness and God-consciousness. Those names conjure up images of divinity and exceptionally high states of spiritual development or energetic vibration.

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How To Answer Your Calling – 3 Ways To Remember Why Your Soul Chose This Life

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How to recognize and answer your calling? How to find out why your soul chose this life? It’s simple: You need to understand that everything happens for a reason. You’re here for a reason.

“You came here with something to do. You are part of a universal consciousness, and there are no accidents in it. In your true essence—not the false self, not the ego part of you, but in the true essence of who you are—you are infinite and you have something very profound to accomplish while you’re here. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Find it. Pay attention to it. Listen to the calling. See the clues, the cues. See the alignments, whatever they might be, no matter how absurd or bizarre they might seem to everyone around you… if you have a calling inside that says there’s also something else, don’t ignore that. Don’t die with your music still in you. Don’t die with your purpose unfulfilled. Don’t die feeling as if your life has been wrong. Don’t let that happen to you.” – Wayne Dyer

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6 Signs You’re An Earth Angel

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You might know these types of people by a couple different names – either lightworkers, earth angels, or something similar, Maybe you even feel like one of these special people yourself. Lightworkers literally have come here to spread and share their light as much as possible, and bring about positive change to this planet. They have no patience for hate, intolerance, violence, or oppression; these types just want everyone to live in harmony and move on from our current problems on Earth.

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Developing Intuition: An In-Depth Guide to Accessing and Decoding the Language of Your Soul

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This article on intuition was inspired from the book Intuition: Unlock the Power by Dr. Cate Howell.

Developing intuition requires that you begin to look deep within yourself.

There is agreement in neuroscience literature that intuition is related to the unconscious. Famed transpersonal psychologist Carl Jung described intuition as unconscious perception that taps into implicit processes and knowledge in the body and brain. We also know that intuition predominantly sits in the non-dominant hemisphere of the brain and is often derived from images, feelings, physical sensations and metaphors. In this first part of this article I will explore the nature and role of the unconscious mind and consider some ways in which we can access our unconscious to aid us in developing our intuition, including signs and symbols and dreams.

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If You Have Only 2 Minutes To Meditate, Do This

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You may think you are really busy and that if you slowed down or took a pause of any kind you would be less effective and less powerful in life. Actually, the opposite is true—my life before I committed to a daily meditation practice was nowhere near as intuitive as it is now. Intuition is increased by meditation, and thus we take so many more right turns and this ends up saving us tons of time.

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The Four Levels of Intuition

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Learning to develop and trust our intuitive intelligence is more important now than it ever has been before. According to a recent UCLA study, we are exposed to a tsunami of information that amounts to over 174 newspapers full of data per day. That is more than 5 times the amount of information we were exposed to just 20 years ago. Included in this deluge of data are countless opinions, endless streams of expert advice and a myriad of gurus and guides telling us what we should be doing in order to live our best lives.

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How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

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I have been listening to my spirit guides since the early 80’s. Mind you, if you asked them they would tell you that I have heard them my whole life, I just never listened. You can label them anyway that resonates with you. Some like higher self, intuition, angels, conscience or even just spirit but I have always preferred the term Guides. I believe that connecting with our own inner voice is powerful and necessary.

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3 Symptoms of A Lost Soul

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul

Lost souls are people who are spiritually adrift. For whatever reason, these individuals have blocked the intuitive guidance coming from their higher selves. In doing this, they have also cut themselves off from feeling the infinite love of the universe, and this leads to struggle, anger, sadness and feeling dead inside. As a result, a lost soul’s life is very challenging.

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Spiritual Guidance For Surviving The Coming Earth Changes

Teacher to student…

As in Ancient times, we are again in the beginning of a period of radical changes for the Earth and its inhabitants, physically, mentally, and spiritually (the entire threefold nature). Humanity’s selfishness has taken its toll and is starting to come back in full fury. With the damage that has been done already, there is no preventing the great Earth changes within the next decade. Given a sufficient rise in Consciousness, those things that are not past the ‘karmic point of no return’ could be altered by free will, however, many are past the point of no return. Ask yourself if the first drops of rain from this great storm of purification, have not already begun to fall.

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7 Signs that Your Are an Intuitive

Despite its elusive quality, being intuitive is a very desirable and attractive skill.

In fact, Steve Jobs called it “more powerful than intellect” in the business world.

Intuition is hard to put your finger on, it’s mostly described as some sort of feeling, or gut instinct. At the same time, it is also used as a criterion for the popular Myers-Briggs classification of personality.

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Spirit Guide Meditation

Meditation is one of the most common ways to contact and connect with your guides. Continually meditating will help reveal the name and identity of your guide. When meditating to contact your guide, try asking precise questions. If you do not receive answers immediately, keep trying. It can take several years to achieve this. Here is a suggested meditation that you can use to contact and communicate with your spirit guides. It can also be done before doing a psychic reading or healing work.

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Amazing Tips on How to See Spirits Around You

How Can You See Spirits? A Guide to Spiritual Clairvoyance.

If you are reading this article, chances are, you have the ability to see spirits around you. This gift is called clairvoyance, and it often starts coming in much earlier than when you’ll start to notice it. While most people sense spirits before they ever see them, often the sensing is accompanied by other clues that you are being visited by those in the spirit world.

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The Third Eye, The Pineal Gland: Our Connection To The Cosmos


The Third Eye, an inner eye is a mystical and esoteric concept referring in part to the ajna chakra in certain Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. It is also spoken of as the gate that leads within to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.

The Third Eye in reality is the Pineal Gland. It is the spiritual Third Eye, our Inner vision and it is considered the seat of the soul. It is located in the geometric center of the cranium.

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4 Ways To Unlock The Doorway To Your Subconscious


By Kyle Davidson

The subconscious rules so much of our lives from behind the scenes.

From the moment that the sperm meets the egg and begins to process of forming a life, you are governed by the subconscious- your mothers and your own.

The subconscious is the force that tells your heart how to beat, when to blink, when to feel hungry.

All of your physiological functions are the work of your deeper mind. It also has a huge impact on how we perceive the world. The subconscious works very quickly, analyzing the world around you all the time, finding the patterns and making assumptions that you realize consciously. In metaphysical terms, the subconscious is the force that can make or break our creative and spiritual processes. In many ways, the subconscious is a truer reflection of your soul – it is the foundation upon which the ego and the conscious mind our built. So how do we make it listen?

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How to Develop Your Sixth Sense


The sixth sense is just that, an extrasensory perception (or ESP) beyond our five commonly recognized senses — hearing, taste, sight, smell and touch. The informal use of the term “sixth sense” refers to our ability to perceive something that isn’t apparently there. The sixth sense is sometimes described as intuition, or the sense of knowing something without previous stored knowledge about it. This intuition is that “gut feeling”—something that you know or think likely based on instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

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The Chakra System as Recounted in the Books of Genesis and Revelation


By Julian Websdale

The Seven Churches of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John have many meanings.

In keeping with multiple levels of interpretation the Churches can be understood as messages relating to historical Churches of the period, messages regarding the seven divisions of Church history and in the most esoteric of interpretations, to the seven spiritual centers of the body.

The seven Churches of Revelation each can be related to the seven psychic centers, or Chakras, with the teachings given to each Church (warnings, blessings etc.) relating to the consciousness and activity at that level.

These attributions illustrate how each Church can be understood as a centre of energy within the psychic organism.

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Understanding What Spirit Guides Are


By Helen Elizabeth Williams

Want to understand the power that guides us in all our endeavors and looks after us? Continue reading understanding what spirit guides are.

From the very beginning of our soul’s existence, we are being assigned to these loving beings that nurture, school and look after us, every step of the way.

When we are born on Earth, these loving beings continue to help and guide us throughout our lives, making sure we will find our true purpose. We have come to call them spirit guides.

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10 Ways to Develop Your Intuition – Part Two


Continuation of Part One: Intuition

The definition of Intuition… an unexplained feeling, a natural ability or supernatural force that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence but you know it to be true. It is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning, often defined as a gut feeling.

Today more and more people are awakening their intuition to achieve tremendous success and abundance in all areas of their lives, including money, relationship, career, and much more.

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Intuition is part of the sixth sense. It is an awareness, the knowing of a fact or reality that is not related to any normal reasoning; comes to mind without proof, evidence, or understanding how the knowledge was acquired. It is an insight about events that may or may not take place. It surpasses all logic and is more than just a lucky guess. Intuition is your internal communication system, that inner voice that is on call at any moment. Everyone possesses the natural ability of intuition; however, some individuals are able to develop it much further than others.

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