Communicating and Working With Your Higher Self and Angelic Guides

This article is about understanding who you are and why channeling is natural to humankind. When angels first incarnated on Earth communicating with their Higher Self and with other angels still at home in the higher realms was a very natural part of life.

As life became established on Earth under the Law of Duality and under the veil of forgetfulness called the Ego, the angels began to forget that they were angels while they were incarnated here and many began to lose the ability to communicate directly and completely with home and their Higher Self. Generation after generation brought more and more focus on Earthly concerns and less and less on direct heavenly contact and input. Their focus switched from being divinely oriented to a much more human orientation.

This forgetting who they really were became the legend of the “Fallen Angels”. The fall truly had nothing to do with siding against God, or following a rogue angel into darkness. The fall was a part of God’s plan for the Earth, and the angels incarnating knew the Divine Plan from the beginning and agreed to temporarily forget who they were while on the Earth so that they could take part in God’s plan for physical creation.

Even while most humans forgot their true origins and could not communicate directly with their Higher Self and Angelic Guides any longer, many humans did retain the ability and held the Light for everyone. These are the saints, mystics, and yogi masters of the past, and in today’s terms known as “Light Workers”. They are the people in each generation who agree to awaken and remember who they are and to show the way for others. They have a strong longing within themselves to establish the ability to communicate with their Higher Self and other angels.

They also have a longing to help others find their spirituality and live a more enlightened life. In these times, the number of Light Workers on the Earth is vast because it is a time for worldwide spiritual awakening and evolution. Learning to communicate and channel is a return to our origins and a part of who we are. It is natural to every human being and everyone can learn to communicate with their Higher Self and Angelic Guides.

Who Is “Out There” To Communicate With

Your Soul is your Higher Self and who you really are. All channeling is done through your Higher Self and with their help. They are the ones who arrange for others to communicate with you, or work with you on an energetic level to help you attain more spiritual awareness and aptitude. You are always safe in their very skillful hands. They are vast Beings of Light (angels) and will only assist in connecting you to loving Angels who have your very best interest at heart.

Angelic Guides

Everyone has Angelic Guides who accompany them through their whole life. These are angels who have a deep love and connection with you at Home, on a Soul or Higher Self level. They are a part of your spiritual family. They are always there for you and you can speak to them at any time, even if you cannot hear their reply to you on a conscious level yet. They help your Higher Self guide you through this life and assist you in accomplishing the goals that you set before incarnating into this lifetime.

Archangels and Ascended Masters

These are special teacher angels that support many people on Earth. They are highly dedicated to their work and very adept at working with a wide variety of people and belief systems.

Christ – The Universal Christ

Because there are so many varying understandings of Christ, I have included an explanation of what I mean when we use the term Christ. I believe that God, Christ, and the hierarchy of Light has continuously interacted and communicated with humankind; helping and supporting the Earth throughout history. This interaction includes many physical incarnations on the Earth in the form of Avatars and spiritual teachers and leaders. I believe that the Christ is a direct emanation of God that has the overall responsibility for the spiritual evolvement and well-being of the Earth and other physical and non-physical realms throughout creation. Some people think of this as the ‘Cosmic Christ’, or the ‘Christ or Universal Consciousness’. To me, there is no separation and they are all understandings of Christ. The Christ is a very vast Being, but at the same time can relate to people one-on-one through His innate connection with every person on the Earth and His ability to represent Himself to us in a way that we can understand and accept as humans.

Note: Christ has no gender and is neither male nor female, but I have used the traditional masculine form of speech instead of using Him/Her/It, which is very cumbersome.

When I use the term ‘Christ’, it is to encompass all religions and spirituality. Christ has always held the Light on the Earth through being here physically incarnate, and through inspiration, communication, appearances, and working directly through people. Christ has had many incarnations on the Earth as Avatars and as spiritual teachers and leaders, most notably in our recorded history, as Krishna, Babaji, Melchizedek, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammad. In modern times, in the 1800’s, he was incarnated as Bahá’u’lláh and established the Bahi`a faith. I believe that He is currently incarnated as Sathya Sai Baba in India. In part, Sai Baba’s interfaith teachings are preparing humankind for entry into the Golden Age of Peace and Love through that known as the Ascension Process. Christ’s appearance again as Jesus for the Second Coming in the future and all will rise and evolve to the Christ Consciousness level.

Communicating With Loved Ones Who Have Returned Home

You can also communicate with people in your life who have left through a death experience. They do stay in your life as part of your spirit family and are very interested in your well-being after they have gone Home.

Being Who You Cannot Be In Channeling

Feeling safe is a large part of the process of learning to channel. As long as you feel safe, your Higher Self and Angelic Guides can work with you more directly and have less interference from your conscious and subconscious mind. There are many misunderstandings in spiritual teachings about who is “out there” and whom you can be in touch with to channel.

Despite many popular teachings, there truly are no demons, devil, evil spirits, fallen angels, lower astral beings, ghosts, or negative “dead people” who are stuck between dimensions. These are all fear-based misunderstandings that are part of your belief sysstems.

You are not alone. As you suspect, there are younger and older brothers elsewhere. Every brotherhood, however, is an entity unto itself with its own right of familihood to come of age together. Looking elsewhere is not the answer at this time. Looking to each other and to God is the answer to becoming all that you can be.

In many ways, science fiction movies have mislead us in to believe that consciousness follows technology. Such movies give the false impression that structure, polarized consciousness can be expanded in outreach across the universe simply by accelerating technology. Then somehow, as if by magic, consciousness can be caused to grow. Nothing could be further from the truth. Technology does not cause an increase in consciousness. Consciousness causes technology. First a change of consciousness must occur before a greater technical outreach is possible. Our planet and others of its kind are like islands in a great ocean with no easy way of bridging the distance. Mutuality is the law of intergalactic connection. Those civilizations which are equal or behind ours cannot reach us any more than we can reach them. There is enough distance between each one to ensure that this will remain true.

The Creator saw fit to space all life-bearing planets far enough apart to establish this condition. This is combined with a secondary fact that all truly advanced technologies are based on the principles of synchronicity, holistic patterning, and the respect for the dynamics of life. The idea of marauders traveling at the speed of light and beyond, simply for conquest, is pure fiction. The synchronicity required for that technology simply could not be derived from a consciousness based on conflict.

Through the one spirit, all beings of love everywhere are exerting an influence on each other. Sometimes this is recognized and felt directly, and most often it is simply received as resonance or harmony which one chooses to accept or ignore.

You are truly safe! The “demons” and “aliens” who haunt humankind’s belief systems, mythology, and entertainment are only illusionary images reflective of our own fears.

Preparation is Needed to learn To Channel

Most people have to go through a period of energy and consciousness work with their Higher Self and Guides before they are attuned to feeling the energy, or hearing their guidance clearly. During this work, you have to trust that your Higher Self and Guides are there with you doing the work that you need so that you can be more sensitive to their communication. Patience, practice, and diligence are all required to achieve your goals!

Something else that helps is a feeling of self-love, and worthiness of the communication, love, attention and contact. You have to develop an understanding that your Higher Self and Guides are always there for you, and that they always has your highest good in mind. When you cannot feel their energy directly, or hear their guidance it is not because they are not giving it to you. It is just a matter of training your body and mind to recognize and accept it.

When you are starting out, continually look for ways that your Higher Self and Guides are coming through to you … dreams, intuition, gut feelings, flowing information… and openly attribute it to your Higher Self and/or Guides. It is important to recognize that this is guidance. Accept each connection and piece of guidance with enthusiasm and gratitude. This will help you to open even more to your guidance in the future.

Divine Energy

The energy can feel like a warmth, a tingle, or a gentle current running through a part of your body. It can feel like a restriction or pressure, especially around a chakra point. It can begin feeling like a pin prick when it first enters a point in your body. From time to time, it can make parts of your body jump or pulsate. It can be very gentle, or it can be very strong, depending on the need of the energy at any given time in your work. It can make your heart beat faster, or feel like a pressure in your chest. (This usually happens when your heart chakra is being opened or worked with.) These are all signs or feelings of divine energy.

Please note that not everyone is ‘kinetic”… easily able to feel the divine energy. Some people are more oriented to hearing or visual modes of communication, but with practice and knowing what you are attuning yourself to feeling, you CAN begin to feel the energy.

Vibration Rate

Something else to keep in mind are vibration rates. Your Higher Self exists at a very high frequency of vibration… a vibration of Love. Like vibrations rates are more compatible with each other and it is MUCH easier for your Higher Self and Guides to come through well when you are of a closer rate of vibration to them. That means you have to place yourself in a state of love, trust, and feeling of worthiness. When you are in a state of frustration, anger, fear or unworthiness, it is much harder to channel, and very difficult for your Higher Self to come through with any amount of clarity. All “negative” emotions emit very low and dense vibrations. These negative/lower vibrations envelope you, permeate your chakras and aura and create a barrier of sorts. This barrier does hinders your Higher Self from being with you and providing you with what you need to live, and it does hinder communication and interaction at a spiritually advanced level.

Clearing yourself of dense emotions, working beyond frustration, feelings of fear, anger and perhaps feelings of unworthiness is something that you can do on a daily basis with your Higher Self. They can help clear these emotions from you and help restore your aura and chakras to a much higher vibration rate. (Doing chakra work with your Higher Self and Guides is very important. Doing a meditation/exercise with your Higher Self on a daily basis will help a great deal.)

A Chakra Meditation

Get into a comfortable position, either sitting up or laying down. Take several deep breaths to relax and connect with your Higher Self. When you are ready, request that teacher angel join you.

Picture a large ball of White Light over your head, see the Light coming down into your body and into your crown chakra (top of your head), filling it completely. Know that this White Light carries the Divine Energy and Christ consciousness. Picture the White Light going into each chakra in turn, and as it does, visualize each chakra expanding and brightening with the intensity of the Light. When you have completed the work with each chakra – picture, see in your mind’s eye the White Light turning gold and radiating throughout your body and into your aura. Have the intention of holding this higher pattern of Light and building upon it in your next meditation.

At this time, you can also ask your Higher Self to prepare you for your life after your ordination. Your Higher Self will help you to set up your life to include your service to others. Your Higher Self will help you accomplish the part of the Divine Plan that you are here to fulfill. You only have to ask and be open. Being open and willing are two of the most important things that you can do. Trust that you are on your path and taking the steps necessary to fulfill your Higher Self plans in a way that they need to be accomplished in your every now moment.

Dedication and Work

If you can, set aside time each and every day to meditate with your Higher Self and Guides. Ask them to do the work that you need done on that day. Listen to ideas coming into your mind. Some people think that hearing angels involves hearing a voice outside of yourself. It does not. It is telepathic communication. It sounds very much like your own thoughts, especially at first. Once you begin to hear, you need to become discerning and separate your own thoughts from your guidance. If the messages are helpful and loving, it is probably from your guidance. Anything that is fear-based or demanding, demeaning, or overbearing is from your own subconscious mind coming from the Ego. This is very common! Many people think that it is from their guidance, or that they have gotten in touch with the wrong being … THAT IS NEVER THE CASE! You cannot connect with anyone that your Higher Self does not want you to. They have to facilitate the connection. You are THEIR body, mind, and spirit too! That being said, there truly are no “lower beings” that you can get in touch with and that coming from the Ego is always fear-based.

Forms Communication and Channeling Can Take

Communication from your Higher Self and Guides can take many forms… dreams, gut feelings, loving feelings, intuitions, talking or writing to someone and having information seemingly flow through you that is usually beyond your knowledge. Channeling can also be a part of writing or playing music, painting and other forms of art, as well as many other creative activities. Many artists and musician say that the painting just flowed from them, or the song wrote itself. When that happens, it is being divinely guided.

Methods and Techniques of Channeling

Channeling can be done in many ways. There are varying degrees of the direct use of your skills and body that your Higher Self and Guides can use to get the messages through.

Getting Messages and Information While Meditating

This is a simple way of channeling and involves your Higher Self or Guides talking to you telepathically, or leading you in an informative meditation. You can develop this skill by listening carefully to your thoughts, feelings, and any impressions and images that you may get. This is a very effective way to get information for yourself and others when you have time to be by yourself. Listen for coherent information or insights to your questions. If the information is helpful it is probably coming from your guidance. Try this form of channeling each time you meditate to build your skills. And remember… if it’s fear-based, it’s coming from the Ego.

Light Trance Channeling

In this method, your Higher Self or Guides will talk to you telepathically and you repeat out loud what you are hearing. They are not using your body directly in this method. You stay in control of all of your functions on a conscious level.

Deep Trance Channeling

In deep trance channeling, you learn to surrender to your Higher Self and Guides on a much deeper level. They will use your body and speak through you much more directly.

Automatic Writing

Some people prefer to stay in control and just write down what they are hearing, or the thoughts and impressions they are receiving. Automatic writing is a very good method to use for getting exploring spiritual concepts more deeply. After meditation, place a pencil in your hand and a note pad in front of you and as your hand begins to move or scribble aimlessly, just allow it to be free and soon it will begin writing something. This is automatic writing.

Please note that you may want to use all of these forms of channeling depending on the situation and what you are comfortable with.

Channeling Guidelines

No matter what method of channeling you are using, there are similar things that you can do to connect and bring forth the messages.

1. Relax and breath deeply and evenly to help get into a meditative state of mind.

2. Ask your Higher Self or Angelic Guide, or the Master that you are going to be working with to come in and prepare you for channeling them. If you are a visual person, or like to prepare by visualizing your Guide with you, then take this opportunity to see them with you.

3. Surrender to them and allow their consciousness and energy to connect with you.

4. You may want to go through a routine of seeing their energy at this time; connecting down through all of your chakras, or concentrating in a certain chakra, like your crown or third eye chakra.

5. Take as long as you need to feel well connected with them and ready to channel before you begin.

6. When you feel ready, look for of a signal or feeling that your Guide is ready to begin. (thoughts will start to flow, or you may get an impetus to speak or write.)

7. Let the information flow from you. Do not try to judge what is being said. After the channeling is over, try to be discerning and realize what was directly from your guidance and what may have been from your own consciousness. You will become clearer and clearer as you become more comfortable in the situation, and more adept and skilled at channeling.

8. If you are working by yourself, you may want to use a tape recorder to tape the messages. It is sometimes hard to recall the entire message, or conversation after you are done channeling.

Please note: Some people are very good at remembering everything that they channel and other people remember very little of what was said. It is very individual and usually has little baring on the accuracy of the information.

Emotions and Expectations

If you have a deep emotional attachment to the answers you would like, or you have certain expectations about the answer, it can sometimes be very difficult to get an accurate answer because of interference from your subconscious mind. When this happens, you can either understand the possible limitations of getting a proper answer and be extra discerning, or you can wait until a better time, when you are less emotional to try to get the answers.

Quick Yes and No Answer Method

As you become sensitive to your Higher Self’s energy, you can set up a communication system with them, regardless of whether you can communicate with them consciously or not. This system will also work well with your Angelic Guides and the Masters as well.

When you can feel their energy strongly, you can ask questions of them and get responses through the energy. Designate a portion of your body for them to put energy into for a “yes” answer and another portion, for a “no” answer. It is also helpful to have yet a third designation for “your close”, or another possible alternative answer to the question. As long as you go slowly and double check your answers, this can be a very helpful system that anyone can use; even without being able to communicate well with your Higher Self and Guides in any other way. Even after you are a very experienced channel, this system is still extremely helpful while you are channeling and to stay in touch with your Higher Self and Guides at anytime throughout the day, or to give support or verify and answer while you are channeling.

This system does have its limitations. It is best to word the questions very carefully and as simply as possible in order to get the best results. Your Higher Self, or a Guide, might have a hard time answering complicated or compound questions within the limitations of yes and no answers.

Realistic Expectations

When you are beginning to receive information from your Higher Self and Guides, it is helpful to realize that even though they have a very high perspective, they are not omniscient. They also do not know how every future event will turn out because it depends on your reactions. All they can see are the probabilities of something happening in a certain way. No one can predict the future with absolute certainty because each person involved in a situation has free will and choices in their every now moment.



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