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7 Best Ways To Directly Communicate With Your Higher-Self

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul

If you desire and seek a deeper connection with your spirituality, there is no better way than communicating with your Higher-Self. In fact, we aren’t meant to walk the journey of life alone, we have an invisible guide, ever watching and supporting us in our lives. In this blog, I’m going to share a bit about how your Higher-Self works, and how you can directly communicate with it so you can live a more connected, fulfilling, purposeful and happy life.

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7 Tips to Strengthen Your Connection to Your Divine Guidance

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul

Our Divine Guidance is a very important aspect of our life, whether we are aware of it or not. We are never truly disconnected from Source, from our Higher Self, but it can definitely look like that at times. When we live in illusion, we can see things very differently than how they actually are, like we are looking through very dirty, broken lenses.

That’s one of the many reasons we have to become more and more aware of our connection to the All, to our Higher Self and to our team of Spirit Guides. Many people think they have to do something to be “more psychic” , to be ” more guided “, but in Truth all we have to do is to become more aware, more conscious of the guidance we are already receiving and have been receiving all our life, or the blockages that stop us from recognising it.

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How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul

I have been listening to my spirit guides since the early 80’s. Mind you, if you asked them they would tell you that I have heard them my whole life, I just never listened. You can label them anyway that resonates with you. Some like higher self, intuition, angels, conscience or even just spirit but I have always preferred the term Guides. I believe that connecting with our own inner voice is powerful and necessary.

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Spirit Guide Meditation

Meditation is one of the most common ways to contact and connect with your guides. Continually meditating will help reveal the name and identity of your guide. When meditating to contact your guide, try asking precise questions. If you do not receive answers immediately, keep trying. It can take several years to achieve this. Here is a suggested meditation that you can use to contact and communicate with your spirit guides. It can also be done before doing a psychic reading or healing work.

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Communicating and Working With Your Higher Self and Angelic Guides

This article is about understanding who you are and why channeling is natural to humankind. When angels first incarnated on Earth communicating with their Higher Self and with other angels still at home in the higher realms was a very natural part of life.

As life became established on Earth under the Law of Duality and under the veil of forgetfulness called the Ego, the angels began to forget that they were angels while they were incarnated here and many began to lose the ability to communicate directly and completely with home and their Higher Self. Generation after generation brought more and more focus on Earthly concerns and less and less on direct heavenly contact and input. Their focus switched from being divinely oriented to a much more human orientation.

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Understanding What Spirit Guides Are


By Helen Elizabeth Williams

Want to understand the power that guides us in all our endeavors and looks after us? Continue reading understanding what spirit guides are.

From the very beginning of our soul’s existence, we are being assigned to these loving beings that nurture, school and look after us, every step of the way.

When we are born on Earth, these loving beings continue to help and guide us throughout our lives, making sure we will find our true purpose. We have come to call them spirit guides.

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Your Spirit Guides Are Here for You


By Kari Samuels

You’re shedding layers and growing faster than your eyes can perceive. When you’re going through such rapid changes, it can feel super scary!

Perhaps you feel there’s no one to talk to about what’s happening inside of you (of course you want to give the impression that everything is fine!), or perhaps you feel that you have to do things yourself and you’re the only one who can help you. The good news is, you have more help than you think! You have Spirit Guides who are with you every day supporting you, loving you, and cheering you on.

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