How To Test Your Vibration Using These 4 Signs From The Universe

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It’s all well and good to know about the Law of Attraction and the importance of your vibration.

But how do you know exactly where your vibration is? How can you tell if you are attracting a reality that you want or a reality you don’t want?
Test Your Vibration With These 4 Signs From The Universe

Below are four quick ways you can test your vibration.

1. Do a quick reality check.

Look around your surroundings, what is going on? Is someone opening a door for you or is it slamming in your face? Is it a beautiful day outside or is the weather horrible?

You have created this reality with your vibes, so take a quick look around to see where you’re at! If you like what you see, your vibration is running high. If you are seeing lots of obstacles and frustrations, your vibration is running low. If it’s half and half, or just kind of “blah” your vibration is relatively centered between high and low.

2. Pay attention to the repeating numbers.

Are you seeing repeating numbers? Most repeating numbers (1111, 111, 222, 333) and increasing numbers (1234) are all signs that you are moving at a high vibration.

However, seeing the number 666 or decreasing numbers (4321) are all signs that you are moving at a lower vibration. No number patterns suggest neutrality.

3. Monitor your emotions.

Do a quick emotional check-how do you feel? Rank your emotion by vibration.

Love, joy, enthusiasm, and content all indicate a high vibrational pattern, while anger, disgust, depression or boredom indicate a low vibrational pattern. Feeling “so-so” indicates that you are in the middle.

4. Monitor your body.

Do you feel like you are running on all cylinders today (high vibration) or are you sick, injured or feeling the aches and pains (low vibration)? Feeling just “okay” means your vibration is neutral.

These are four signs you can use daily to take inventory of your vibration to see what kind of reality you are creating for yourself with the Law of Attraction. High vibrations indicate that more good things are on your way.



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