How to Expand Your Awareness

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul

This is the level of awareness that separates us from rocks, plants and animals. Having the ability of self-awareness can be a blessing but it can also be a curse.

Awareness is the ability to feel, perceive, know and be conscious of your existence. All things in the Universe have awareness but in different levels. As human beings, we have expanded our awareness to the level of self-awareness. This is the level of awareness that separates us from rocks, plants and animals. Having the ability of self-awareness can be a blessing but it can also be a curse.

Self-awareness allows us to sense that we are separated from each other. If we are not careful, this sense of separation can lead to hatred and war. In truth, there is no separation because we are all connected and made of the same substances. Having the ability to feel separated from each other and Creation (God) gives us the illusion of more freedom and makes life more interesting. It allows us to explore reality in our own ways through the use of free will.

Having a strong self-awareness is one of your greatest protections against negative forces. Most people do not understand how powerful their awareness is. Your awareness can be your salvation. Through knowledge of self-empowerment and learning life lessons, you can expand your awareness to a state of pure cognition. It is a state of all knowing. At this state you cannot be deceived or manipulated, because you will know when someone is trying to harm or lie to you.

When you become aware of past, present and future events, you can change your thought patterns toward what you want which will change what is manifesting into your reality. Because your consciousness is still in a baby-like state, the changes may not seem significant because of the way your awareness process time. If you lose focus of your desires before they manifest, you will deny yourself those desires. If you can find a like-minded group to help focus their thought patterns to what you are focusing, you can speed up the manifestation process. The more people the better.

Being more aware can help you expand your consciousness. As your consciousness expands it increases your energy frequency. Once you reach a certain level of frequency, you can become immune to the influence of negative forces and diseases.

How to expand your awareness

Increase self-empowerment:

As you increase your self-empowerment, you strengthen your connection to other sections of your awareness because you are becoming less fearful of the unknown. Fear is what prevents you from expanding your awareness because it puts you in a state of denial.

Reduce distractions:

Distraction reduces or blocks the connection to your inner awareness. This blockage suppresses your mind and prevents it from expanding its awareness. Distraction also prevents you from contemplating your thoughts. This prevents you from knowing who you truly are. You cannot expand your awareness unless you understand who you are. The fact that you have thought should be good enough proof that you are a being with infinite potential. Thought is one of the most powerful energy forces in the Universe. It is one of the fundamental forces of Creation because it is needed to focus everything into existence.

Overcome denial:

Being in a state of denial prevents you from accessing higher levels of consciousness, because it sets a parameter around your awareness and locks you in. As long as you are locked in this box of denial, you will have a very hard time expanding your awareness. To rise above this box, you will need to face your fears, be open-minded and think outside of the box.

Strengthen your intuition:

Your intuition is another part of your awareness. It is a knowingness that takes place at the cellular levels. Some of us like to refer to it as the “gut feeling”. To strengthen your intuition you will need to learn how to access high levels of your consciousness. This can be accomplished through meditation and DNA activation.

Reduce the power of your ego:

Your ego is another part of your awareness that has been isolated from your intuition, subconscious, conscious and higher self. It is an awareness that is lost, desperate and confused. Its main goal is survival. Because of the way it sees itself and thinks, it tries to put you in a state of denial so it can overpower you. This prevents your awareness from expanding. To reduce the power of your ego, you will need to take personal responsibility for your actions so you do not give away your powers to your ego. The ego is a part of who you are. Fearing it will only strengthen its power. Instead of fearing it, you should work with it to bring it back into balance.

Increase your energy frequency:

The world beyond matter is built on energy. Frequency is the code that gives energy expression. In order to expand your awareness, you will need to increase your energy frequency. Doing this will allow you to access higher levels of consciousness; therefore, expanding your awareness beyond your wildest dreams. Healing your light body and DNA, and meditating on a regular basis are three effective techniques for increasing your energy frequency.

By PL Chang