If You Have Only 2 Minutes To Meditate, Do This

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You may think you are really busy and that if you slowed down or took a pause of any kind you would be less effective and less powerful in life. Actually, the opposite is true—my life before I committed to a daily meditation practice was nowhere near as intuitive as it is now. Intuition is increased by meditation, and thus we take so many more right turns and this ends up saving us tons of time.

And you probably “feel” like you don’t have a lot of time. This may or may not be true, but for the sake of this discussion, I am going to introduce the concept that time is malleable. Time is increased when we increase self-care and enjoyment.

Time is decreased when we introduce more stress and fear. Wouldn’t you want more time in a day if you found out you were the creator of time? I have verified through many years of meditation that the more I put meditation first the more time I have. Most importantly, the more joy I have because time that’s not joyful isn’t quite that valuable to me.

Putting your spiritual practice first.

There is a spiritual principle that is of the utmost importance when it comes to the issue of time. This principle is “what I put first in my life informs the rest of my life.” So this means that if you put anything before your spiritual practice, that aspect of your life will become your sun. Orbiting romance and finance are some of the most miserable activities a person can take on.

Mostly because even if we wrangle our most prized desire out of life, we will hardly ever be happy with it for long. Meditation offers joy. So placing it first, even if it’s only two minutes a day as a start, will begin to change the levels of joy that one experiences in all of life’s other paths and actions.

Time is money, right? Wrong.

“Time is money” is an age-old quote. Again, this is yet another example of how we totally need a rewire here for our brain. Time is not money. Money is a side effect of our usefulness in life. A side effect of how much value we bring to the world. Most importantly, it’s a side effect of remembering our own value and feeling into asking for our worth.

You can run around all day long, and yeah—you will make some money. But how joyful will you be if you just spent all day running around like a chicken with its head cut off? The aim is to remember that “bliss is money” rather than “time is money,” because this paradigm will shift everything for you, full stop.

What to do if you have only two minutes to meditate.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why bother starting when I have only two minutes to meditate?” This two-minute-long commitment is a totem. It is a symbol to the universe that you are shifting your paradigm! It is a small but valiant cry that says, “I am willing.” Willingness can often seem underrated, but it is the key to all of life’s success.

So if you have only two minutes to make your start, I would recommend sitting with a pad and pen and writing over and over again for two minutes, “I now begin to turn my life over to the invisible love inside me and all around me. Please reveal to me all moments when I may turn my attention to you.”

Then you can end with a “thank you” or an “amen.” I know this isn’t a standard sit-and-breathe meditation, but it will be a start that could key open a world you were unaware of before. Try it for at least 90 days. Miracles will occur.



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