You Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident – Everyone is a Cosmic Connection

Posted by Two Spirits, One Soul.

Every single person you encounter serves a greater purpose in your lives. You take something from everyone that you encounter. Some will pass through briefly and others will stay.

Life is a journey, not a destination!

The universe sends you signs and people to guide you towards your life’s purpose.

Below we explain the different types of cosmic connections you will encounter on your journey…

Not everything in your life goes according to plan, even the people that come into your life are not planned. They could disrupt it, or be a ‘God send.’ Yet every individual enters your life for a purpose.

There are people that are meant to awaken you. These are the people that come into your life, who create roadblocks for you. They are ultimately stopping you from living the life that you have been living. They will not allow you to move forward, until you come to realize that change is needed.

You will also come across people who are supposed to remind you of the path you are supposed to be going down. They are more often than not, temporary people. Just because someone doesn’t stay in your life for years doesn’t mean that their purpose isn’t a fulfilling or meaningful one.

There are the ones that will help you grow, as you cannot do everything on your own. They teach you things that will be of great importance for your future.

There are the ones who crosses your path momentarily, who are meant to hold space for you in some way. It’s the conversations that begin instantly and last a couple of minutes or hours.

You will also encounter many people who stay when it comes to lasting friendships and close family but that one person who makes things better, you will need plenty patience for. When the Universe thinks you are ready, you will meet that special someone who will stay in your life forever. Here we talking about a soulmate or a twin flame.

However, we all have a story, and a purpose in this life. Sometimes people come in to change our lives and stay, and other times, they merely hold space so other changes can occur.

Sometimes, it seems we believe that cosmic, soul connections have to be these big, lifelong experiences, yet in reality, we have them every single day. We will never know who we will meet that is sent to change our lives!

Have you experienced any of the cosmic connections?



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